George Clooney reveals he gifted 14 of his closest friends $1 million after ‘Gravity’ became a runaway hit


If you need a friend, hope that it’s someone like George Clooney as he took care of his closest friends after he made an immense amount of money through his blockbuster films. He gifted 14 of his friends $1 million each after her film Gravity became a runaway hit at the box office. He revealed his generosity in a recent interview and credited his friends for standing by him during his tough times.

He revealed in a recent interview that he had just met his future wife Amal at the time and didn’t really have anyone except his friends to thank for his success and riches. So he made a plan and invited them over to his house and gave them bags full of cash. He said in the interview, “I thought, what I do have are these guys who’ve all, over a period of 35 years, helped me in one way or another. I’ve slept on their couches when I was broke. They loaned me money when I was broke. They helped me when I needed help over the years. And I’ve helped them over the years.”

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He further said, “I thought, you know, without them I don’t have any of this. And we’re all really close, and I just thought basically if I get hit by a bus, they’re all in the will. So why the f--- am I waiting to get hit by a bus?” Clooney revealed that he showed his friends a map of all the places he had been thanks to their help and support and said, “I said, ‘How do you repay people like that?’ And I said, ‘Oh, well: How about a million bucks?’ And the fun part about it was: That was the 27th, the 28th of September. A year later, on the 27th of September, just by happenstance, was the day I got married.”

Clooney’s Gravity raked in more than $700 million at the box office. He said that since no one expected it to be such a profitable venture, they gave him percentages of the film.

(Source: GQ)