Disney to convert 'Kingdom Hearts' into an animated television series for Disney+?


For the two decades, Kingdom Hearts has entertained fans with a range of stories across numerous gaming consoles. Started in 2002, the game has people hooked on to it. Now, considering its immense popularity, Disney is reportedly in talks to convert into an animated television show for Disney+. According to entertainment journalists, Disney is said to be developing a series and not a film. 

According to two International entertainment journalists' tweet, Kingdom Hearts will be fully CGI based and not live-action. Disney voiceover artists Jim Cummings, Bill Farmer (Goofy), Tony Anselmo (Donald) might reprise their roles. However, it is still uncertain that whether the series will follow the story of the video games or a new concept will be sketched out. Also, there is no clarity whether the voice actors for the main characters of the game like Sora, Roxas, Aqua or Axel will be part of the show.


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For the unversed, Kingdom Hearts is a game developed by Square Enix. It is a collaboration between Square Enix and Disney. It is directed by Tetsuya Nomura and showcases the crossover between Square Enix and Disney based in a fictional universe. It revolves around Sora and his journey with various Disney, Square Enix and Pixar characters. 

(Source: Twitter/ NewsDio)