10 reasons why Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer will sweep you off your feet


Chase. Death. Survival. Quest. Victory. Cliff hangers in a trailer, you ask? Say no more! Winter finally came in July 2017. Unless you have been living under the rock, there is no way that you wouldn’t know about the storm that has swept us all off our feet. The big announcement. The year long wait. The two minute long trailer. The end of us! Yes, ladies and gentlemen... HBO has released the (first, maybe) trailer of the eighth season of Game of Thrones.

For seven seasons, hatred ruled the people of Westeros and its neighbours. It changed when the mighty King in the North - Jon Snow - yelled on the top of his voice in Kings Landing, requesting everyone to form an alliance against the ‘real enemy’. This ‘enemy’ is the Night King with his dead-and-deathly army of White Walkers. For eons, they fought for the throne but now, it’s time for them to keep the throne aside and fight for life - against the dead.

Fasten your belts or maybe just take a seat. Because this trailer is here to take you on an expected ride.

Arya Stark & Blood

‘The Girl’ is Arya Stark and has defined strength and power in the most subtle ways. However, the trailer starts with Arya running out of breath for life. She is scared and vulnerable - a trait this Stark girl had forgotten. It was in (Season 1), after the execution of her father - Ned Stark - when she ran for her life. Ever since then, she has only been fighting like a true 'wolf'.

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Lord Varys & Fear

Power, knowledge, information aren’t enough for a smooth ride in Kings Landing for survival. One must be fluent in the art of manipulation, too. And Lord Varys proved to be master. Even in the worst situations, he managed to turn the tables in the favour of those who favoured him. Yet, in this trailer, he sits in silence, fear plastered all over his face. No royal gardens to stroll or kings and queens to advise. Varys being held hostage, doesn’t seem to be true. But he did surrender or was he captured? With his ‘little birdies’?

Greyjoy & Power

Since the beginning, Greyjoys and its ancestry has proved to be a failure quite often. Right from disgracing their lords to demeaning their friends, running away from problems to surrendering in failure - a (ref. - Theon) Greyjoy has done it all. Suddenly, in the trailer, we see three ships full of Ironborn army hoisting the Greyjoy house sigil as they steer across the sea.

Sansa Stark & Mischief

The 13-year old girl wanting to marry a king took a long time (6 seasons, to be precise) to turn until a mastermind game changer in the battle field. Sansa Stark, currently the Warden of the North, is happy to welcome her brother (well...) home. But he has a guest. And the guest is an old enemy (or relative) bringing her massive army and even bigger dragons. Most theories pointed out that Sansa will be unhappy to welcome this new force into her land. But the trailer shows her sly smile as she witnesses the dragons soaring over her - in the northern sky. Secretly planning yet another battlefield masterplan, Lady Stark? We’re rooting for you!

Daenerys - Jon Snow & Chamber of the Dead

The teaser, previously, showed the surviving Stark siblings shocked, as they discovered their grave statues. This had all the GoT fans crying as they presumed that the Starks were to die. But in the trailer, we see Dany and Jon in the same dungeon - Jon lost in his complex thoughts and Dany trying to console him - OR - is Dany planning something evil? After all, the throne has been her only motto.

Cersei Lannister & a Sip of Wine

The ultimate villain you can’t help but love to hate - Cersei - is back and HOW! In the last season, she hinted at her pregnancy - after her three kids were dead/killed. Rumour had it that it was yet another trick up Cersei’s giant evil sleeve. But do we trust her words now? Throughout, she has liked her wine glasses served as single shots without hesitation. In the trailer, she swirls her royal drinks and just as she is about to sip it… she stops.


Bran & Weirwood Tree

The cripple with other-worldly powers - Bran Stark. The trailer shows him ‘standing’ in front of the divine Weirwood tree. He has been a cripple since his father was alive but how did he suddenly manage to stand on his own feet? Is this a vision? What is he here to change - other than his position, of course?

Slaves & Love

While the trailer is too intense to handle, we get a sneak peek at Missandei and Greyworm (the slaves who Daenerys released and now are her close confidantes) share an equally intense kill of love. So hey! While we will watch our favourite characters die, we will still have hope for someone.


“Everything you did brought you where you are now, where you belong. Home” As Bran proclaims, we see Tormund Giantsbane, Beric Dondarrion, Samwell Tarely among others. These people are coming together for real. But are they standing for the same reason? Is their battle against a single enemy? Do they forget all else and initiate brotherhood? Is this land one big home now? Take notes, this is getting steamy and serious. Watch out!

The End Frame

The trailer ends as the White Walker horse steps in the land on the other side of (now fallen) wall. What does this white almost-fleshless-horse feet mean, you ask? Well, THE NIGHT KING HAS ARRIVED. THE BATTLE BEGINS. THE END IS HERE.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, it’s time. Catch up with us. The party is going to bigger (well, two hours long - each episode) and better. For the fans, try not suing or killing anyone for leaving you so high and dry. The ultimate wait begins now. April 14, 2019!

Valar Morghulis!