WATCH: "Priyanka and I were text-buddies for six months" reveals Nick Jonas on Jimmy Fallon Show


Bollywood queen Priyanka Chopra and American pop singer Nick Jonas recently made their much-speculated relationship official after an intimate Roka Ceremony at the actress' Mumbai residence. They have been making headlines ever since they made their first public appearance at the Met Gala Ball last year. Even now, they continue to make our heart skip a beat with their uber subtle yet romantic gestures every once in a while.

Recently, the American singer was present on a popular chat show hosted by Jimmy Fallon and spilled a few unknown details about his love life. First, Jimmy expressed his excitement about their engagement by saying, "the coolest news is your engagement. She is so much fun, we love Priyanka Chopra so much" and Nick's instant reaction was "Yeah! She's the best."

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When Jimmy asked him "how did it happen?", Nick went on to reveal, "We met through a friend. So we got connected over texts and started talking for a while and this was six months before we met in person. And then we attended the Met Gala a few years ago together." Nick and Priyanka's red carpet at the gala was a conversation started itself. The chemistry shared by them instantly become the talk of the town.

Nick further revealed, "We had a great time but we were just friends. Our lives had taken us to different places. It was funny that people would ask us if we're seeing each other and we would say "No!" They thought we were being coy and so did we. And now, cut to when we're engaged, so the story sort of wrote itself." After a long time, NickYanka started making appearances recently. "We met up five months ago and it was immediate. we just knew it was right and we jumped right in and we're very happy", the Right Now singer said.

In fact, Priyanka was present in the crowd, cheering for her man. When Jimmy asked if they had a celebrity nick-name. Nick said that Priyanka prefers "Prick" but he is entirely against it. Their fans 'ship' them as 'NickYanka'.

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