Mr Incredible on the bleachers! Superhero becomes a stay at home dad in this one!


After a long, long, LONG, wait, Disney-Pixar announced the sequel to the 2004 animation blockbuster, 'The Incredibles'. While the first teaser didn't give enough to chew on, Disney-Pixar threw us a bone which sure were breadcrumbs leading to this new sneak peek of the movie that dropped during the Olympic Games night.

In the trailer, the mysterious “tycoon” Winston Deavor — voiced by Bob Odenkirk — touts his ability to help supers resume their heroic duties, despite superheroes’ continued illegality. But it seems Deavor is more interested in Elastigirl than Mr Incredible. And therefore, Mr Incredible wears the apron and goes from becoming a superhero to a super parent while Elastigirl is out in the world fighting the bad guys.


The trailer also sees Brad Bird and Samuel L Jackson reprise their roles as Edna Mode and Frozone respectively, giving the superhero super-child rearing advice.

The youngest member of the Parr family will play a big role in the movie. Jack-Jack has a smorgasbord of superpowers, many of which we don’t know. The sequel will further explore Jack-Jack’s abilities as he joins his superhero family in their fight against crime.

While the trailer focuses on Mr Incredible navigating his way around parenting, it's pretty light on the action, possibly signalling that there will be something more nefarious at play — like a villain or two — than meets the eye.

Since their 2004 release, many fans have been clamouring for an Incredibles sequel ever since but it wasn't until 2017 during Disney's 2017 D23 Expo did the makers launch a surprise footage confirming the return.

The Incredibles will hit the screens on June 15 in the US and the UK.

Watch the trailer here: