Diet Prada strikes again! Is Kendall Jenner’s colour coordination with Coke’s recently launched Orange Vanilla flavour a co-incidence or a marketing gimmick?


Beauty Moghul and Keeping Up with the Kardashians fame Kendall Jenner has been a style icon for millions across the world.

Always in the limelight, Jenner has never failed to grab attention every time that she stepped out. Although, this time, she was all over the news with a brand fiasco!


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Former spokesmodel for Pepsi, Kendall made a quick stroll to grab a can of a recently launched Orange Vanilla flavoured Coke in an ultra-glamorous avatar. Surprisingly, her tangerine dress was in colour coordination with the beverage brand and soon the internet was set ablaze with it.



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The famous Instagram account – Diet Prada called out the 21-year-old supermodel for ‘conveniently’ matching her outfit with the recently launched Coke flavour. They also pointed out the question which was indeed in the minds of many. Whether this colour harmony just a sheer coincidence or the Jenner and Coca-Cola duo are subtly making advertisement collaboration?

Co-incidence or an Advertising placement; what do you think of the above?

(Source- Kendal Jenner and Diet Prada’s Official Instagram Account)