Matt Damon reveals challenges about making sequels


Actor Matt Damon, who has been a part of five Bourne films, says making a sequel that people want to see is really challenging.

"Just making a sequel that people want to see is really challenging because it's a really tricky line that you must walk. You have to know what it is (that) they liked about the franchise in the first place, and give them enough that they feel like they're getting what they paid for, but not repeat yourself so much that they feel like they've already seen the movie," Damon said in a statement.

"And so there has to be a mix of familiar and new and that's a hard balance to strike. I think that's why you see sequels that don't live up to the predecessors. I think it's a very tough thing to do," he added.

So, the team of "Jason Bourne", directed by Paul Greengrass, had a lot of conversations about "not only what had been going on with Bourne, but what, on the practical level, the movie needed to do to satisfy what the audience wanted and become a worthy next chapter to this saga".

"Jason Bourne" will air on Sony PIX on October 16.