Lipstick Day 2020: Confident reds to intriguing plums and quirky tangy, here’s what a lipstick shade tells about your personality!


Celebrations are in order for all the beauty buffs out there as we celebrate the National Lipstick Day. Every year, this day honors the beauty and cosmetic world’s oldest and utmost favorite gem, the lipstick. Whether it's elevating a plain vanilla look or turning heads with a pop of colour, this little stick has always come to our rescue and worked its magic. No matter what the situation, era, or trend is, lipsticks for ages have historically refused to be ignored as no makeup is complete without it (nude lips included!)

There’s no denying the fact that the shade of lipstick we choose to go for speaks volumes about our personality and mood. From bold reds to tangy tangerines and gothic blacks, they all have a secret message that can decode a personality, alright! While putting on lipstick seems like an easy conscious effort, the mood and the subconscious feeling behind it can reflect a lot about a person.

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So on the occasion of Lipstick Day, here are some of the basic shades decoded that will reflect moods and personalities. We obviously could go on for more than 50 shades, but then you’d be bored!


Nothing speaks confidence like your bold reds, ladies. A red lip signifies passion and screams for attention with the utmost class. It's fierce, a vintage classic and not going anywhere and anytime soon!


Hot and perky pinks are playful and indicate a person as free-spirited and adventurous. This decidedly feminine shade is considered fresh and quite flirty. A pop of pink pout can make and break your fashion game, chicas!


A mixture of pink and red, blood orange hues can bring out the best of both worlds, literally. Tangy lips could mean a bright and sprightly personality who is always up for anything fun and quirky. But don’t confuse them for just fun and happy-go-lucky colours, orange shades can also be graceful and at times, romantic.


Admit it, ladies, there’s nothing sexy than a femme fatale who opts for shades of earthy browns. Needless to say, they are deep, sexy intriguing and everything else that we look for in a man! A brown lip woman is always up for challenges.


A peach shade could indicate that you are a very warm and welcoming person. Though it's quite a subtle colour, doesn’t mean it goes unnoticed. A peach hue is often considered very friendly and approachable.


Plums and its shades are smokey, sensuous and exude sex appeal like none other while keeping the intriguing factor intact. They are chic and classy shades at the same time and turn your look around with a single stroke on your lips.


People who opt for nudes defy the colour norms indeed. They refuse to fit into the category of colours and like to keep it straight, natural and classy. Nude lips have nothing to hide and are raging the trend charts currently.


People who opt for them have unique personalities just like their lip colours and can be quite experimental. They know how to hold the attention and are quite unapologetic about their choices. Umm, hello purple lips…need we say more?


People who set out with transparent lip gloss have really no two hoots to give as they are busy being the authentic version of themselves. It seems like they don’t care…because they don’t. They are fuss-free, low maintenance and busy working on themselves. Leaders in true sense you see!

So ladies, now you know the hidden messages behind your popping shades and guys, next time your date opts for any of the above lip colours, know what she truly means!

Happy Lipstick Day, fellas!