Decoding Rani Padmini aka Deepika Padukone’s Padmaavat Style


The highly awaited movie Padmavati, sorry Padmaavat is finally out. Sanjay Leela’s Padmaavat clearly needs no introduction. From breaking records to endless controversies, Bhansali’s Masterpiece has hogged all the possible limelight. The much talked about movie, which is finally out in the theatres, has given us all sorts of goosebumps.

While all the three actors have us hooked to the big-screen with their remarkable performances, Deepika's timeless jewelry and stunning outfits have us gasping for breath, literally! Whether you’re a fan or not, you can’t deny that a lot has gone into the study and research of making Rani Padmini’s garments.


Miss Padukone, who is essaying the role of 'Rani Padmini of Chittor' has nailed her character to a T. Thanks to Sanja Leela’s costume and beauty department, this beauty is looking a class apart, in short, a true Rani, herself. From her on-screen persona to the finest clothing, and all the ritzy jewelry she’s donning, Deepika justifies the symbol of beauty, perfectly.

The actress who’s seen twirling in the famous ‘ Ghoomar’ song, is wearing a stunning Rimple and Harpreet Narula lehenga, weighing almost 30kgs and costing approx. 30 lakhs INR.

Not only has Bhansali captured the essence of Rajasthan in the entire movie, but it’s pretty prevalent in her garments, as well. From the motifs of her lehenga, which have been created using original zardozi, to architectural details of the Royal Rajasthani palace windows, seen on the borders of her heavy garments, every minute detail has been taken care of. The actress sticks to the Rajasthani roots by wearing heavily embellished raw silk and chanderi sarees, with gotta patti and zardozi work on them.

Even the basic odhni is styled in a way, which is still prevalent amongst the Mewar women. Plus, the jhallar work all over her dupatta is something that you just can't miss!
If you thought her garments are a sight to behold, make way for the grandeur jewelry, which is pretty much the highlight of the movie, at least amongst us ladies! The magic actually unfolds with her breathtaking royale and regal accessories.

Deepika is seen sporting tons of different and varied jewelry throughout the movie. The giant and most talked about jewelry, created by the makers of Tanishq, deserves a standing ovation! Not only did it take them roughly 600days to nail every minute detail of it, but you can also see images of Rani Padmavati crafted in the layer of the huge jewelry set.

Now, that's our kind of jewelry, isn’t it ladies?

If this masterpiece has bowled you over, it’s time we introduce to the ‘Ranihaar’, donned by Padukone throughout the film. It’s time to travel back in time. Let this beautiful diva transport you back to the time where our Queens were seen wearing this antique piece of jewellery. The Raanihaar fitted for a true Queen, is crafted with precious stones and gems and pretty much covers the neckline of a woman.

Makes us want to be part of a royal family, too!

This Rajputana Queen is also seen donning the most important element of the Rajasthani culture – Borla Matha Patti Maang Tikka! No, it’s not your average maang-tikka that you see our millennial brides donning, but it’s a maang tikka in a unique circular shaped bell-like jewelry. One of the most important piece of jewelry donned by the ladies of Mewar on important festivals and occasions. Deepika who’s essaying the role of a Raani, does justice to her royal allure by sporting this traditional set on her head throughout the movie.

If all the gold and Kundan jewelry has left you spellbound, and you’re clueless as to where can you don them, then her ‘Hathphool’ is something we can all try incorporating at the upcoming besties wedding. Woot! Woot!

Yes, the magnificent hand harness or the Hatphool, in Rajputana terms, which pretty much accessorized Deepika’s delicate fingers, is a must-have jewelry for the people from a royal bloodline.

From the pearl beaded Naths to the Rajputana chokers, and the finest Zardozi lehengas, Deepika stuns and wows the crowd, while looking like a royal Queen. We wonder, how much hard work has been put, just into getting Deepika’s look right, while making sure to incorporate the essence of our royal culture in her looks throughout the movie.

Oh, how we wish, we were currently living in the ancient era and we were all Kings and Queens of this beautiful land!