Akshay Kumar walks half-marathon on treadmill to mirror women’s ordeal to fetch water in rural areas


Akshay Kumar hosted a news channel’s initiative Mission Paani Waterthon today and decided to walk the treadmill for more than 21 kilometers (half a marathon) to understand the plight of rural women who walk long distances to fetch water for their family. He said that while running marathons, athletes are provided with water at every juncture but women have to toil hard and walk immeasurable distances to find water for themselves and their family.

The actor walked the distance under ‘Har Ghar Jal, Har Ghar Nal’ initiative. He also spoke about the three easy ways of saving water. He said that we should offer only half a glass of water to guests and if they want more we can always refill their glasses as this will curtail wastage.


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He also requested to use small tap over urinals in order to save water and suggested to install sensor taps in homes so that water wastage comes to a minimum. He also spoke about the many positives of hydrotherapy and how water helped him to recover from injury caused during rigorous training sessions or exercise

(Source: News18)