Sonu Sood honoured with the title of 'Yahoo Hero Of The Year 2020' for his 'noble and selfless gestures'


There are no brownie points for guessing that Sonu Sood had a rather busy 2020. Even during the lockdown, he had hit the ground running and extended a helping hand to migrant labourers, students, frontline workers and other people in need. His noble and selfless gestures have won him the epithet of a Messiah, a real-life hero and a superhero without a cape and he has inspired the young generation the values of kindness and compassion. And now, Yahoo India has chosen him as the Hero Of The Year 2020.

Sonu began his journey as an altruist during the on-going pandemic by organising Shakti Annadanam, a food drive across suburban Mumbai to help the needy. Thereafter, he helped several migrant workers stranded in Mumbai go back to their hometowns. Meeting authorities, getting the paperwork done and arranging for transportation facilities took up a major chunk of the actor-philanthtopist's time during the lockdown. 

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He also opened up his hotel in Juhu to doctors and paramedical staff and arranged for their meals and accommodation. Apart from this, Sonu launched a toll-free helpline and to address the concerns of the migrant labourers and offer them solutions, opened up his social media to reach out to those who needed assistance, airlifted 177 women from Kerala to Odisha who was stranded in the state with no money, helped a circus troupe stranded in Mumbai with essential supplies, sponsored the education of IAS aspirants under a scholarship programme and financially helped underprivileged patients who were supposed to undergo critical medical surgeries. 

Needless to say, Sonu is a true icon of altruism. His efforts have been lauded by people across the country, his peers and eminent politicians. Way to go, Sonu!