I wasn’t asked if I wanted to do the Dabangg, I was told: Sonakshi Sinha on her 10-year-long journey in Bollywood


Actress Sonakshi Sinha on September 10 completed a decade in Bollywood with her first film Dabangg's 10th anniversary. The actress had shared a heartfelt note along with a video on Instagram as she finished a decade in the industry. She said she is grateful for every film and every experience -- good or bad. Now, talking to a leading daily, the actress said that she 'wasn't asked if she wanted to do her first film, she was told to do it'. 

Not many know but Sonakshi wasn't even interested in films. She said, "Life before my debut was actually going in a different direction. I was studying fashion designing, and was happy, until Salman and Arbaaz (actor, producer of Dabangg) spotted me, and felt I would fit the role of Rajjo perfectly. They were coming out with this film based in the heartland, and wanted an Indian looking girl and launch someone new. I wasn’t asked if I want to do the film, I was told! (laughs) I just felt at that point of time, the Universe was throwing something at me, a big opportunity, and I should take it. I did.” 

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She added, “I realised this is what I want to continue doing for the rest of my life. I started loving being on set. I barely visited my dad’s film sets when I was a child, so I was never inclined towards it. When I started going myself, I was drawn to it. After Dabangg, it took a while for it to sink that it has released and become such a big hit. People suddenly started recognising me on streets, calling out my name. I would go to cricket matches and people would say ‘you are the Dabangg girl’. I am a very low-key person, so even though I have seen my dad see it, I never experienced this in a way like that.”

About her 10-year-long career, she said, “I read this somewhere, that if your graph was flat, that means you are dead! You have to have both highs and lows in your life, that applies to each and every person who has been in our industry, or any other business, It’s a part of life, and not anything to do with just our industry. The only way to stay sane is to treat success and failure in the same way,” says the actor. 


I cant believe its been 10 whole years since i first appeared on the silver screen. I remember being so unsure if this is really what i even wanted to do... but you know what erased all that doubt? The love I received from all of YOU! Your love encouraged me, your criticism pushed me to do better. My hard work sustained me, and my respect for my work nudged me forward. My enthusiasm on set aided me, my hunger to learn propelled me. Here i am, 10 years down the line, so grateful for every film, every experience - good or bad, every person i have ever worked with! Thank you! Thank you to this industry, thank you to my audience, and thank you universe! This is just the beginning...

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Giving examples, she said she has seen both crore club films and those which didn’t garner numbers, “Whenever there’s been a 100-crore film, you don’t see me screaming from the rooftops ‘my film was super duper hit’, and if it doesn’t do well, I won’t go into a shell and cry about it, I’ll focus on what’s next. I treat my next film like my first one. It keeps me going.”

When asked what it feels like to have completed a decade in the industry, she said, “It feels like they just flew by. It feels I just made my debut yesterday. I have enjoyed the work I did, and so much of it non-stop. I worked with such amazing people, had lovely and bad experiences. I am thankful for everything, I wouldn’t change a thing. I don’t even want to sit and think where the last 10 years went, I look forward to all good things coming my way, because I want to make sure I work harder and not get complacent.”

(Source: Hindustan Times)