Anshula Kapoor shares a screenshot of chat with Janhvi Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor from her family WhatsApp group ‘Dad’s kids’, calls it a ‘day of only flights’


Boney Kapoor’s family is one where everyone is a high-flying individual with multiple professional commitments and it must be a tad difficult to keep track of one’s whereabouts. However, their WhatsApp group comes to the rescue as it serves as a great platform to keep track of everyone as they keep flying from one city to another for their shoots and work commitments. This was proven with Anshula Kapoor's latest Instagram post.

Anshula took to Instagram to share a screenshot of the conversation from her family group where everyone was sharing details about taking off or landing and reaching their destinations. She captioned it as, “OMG What is this day of only flights. Hahaha."

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Janhvi Kapoor who is currently shooting in Punjab for Dostana 2 informed her father and big brother Arjun Kapoor that she has landed safely in the city. Anshula is also seen telling Boney that she has “boarded from Delhi,” whereas the latter informs his kids that he will take a flight from Mumbai to Chennai.

Recently in an interview, Janhvi had revealed that her family has a WhatsApp group named Dad’s kids that has her, sister Khushi, Anshula, Arjun and Boney. She said, “We have a WhatsApp group called Dad’s Kids’ which has me, Khushi, Anshula didi, Arjun bhaiya, and dad on it. And I send all my outfit pictures along with looks from different photoshoots on that group. In fact, most of my outfits need to be approved by dad, otherwise, I don’t feel confident wearing them." Looks like the family that informs each other stays together.

(Source: Instagram)