Janhvi Kapoor wants to essay the female version of 'Kabir Singh', Ananya Panday wishes to play Alia Bhatt's role in 'Gully Boy'


Film critic Rajeev Masand and Festival Director, MAMI, Anupama Chopra caught up with bollywood’s next gen - Ananya Panday, Avinash Tiwary, Janhvi Kapoor, Mrunal Thakur, and Radhika Madan at the Jio MAMI Movie Mela with Star, 2019. They answered with aplomb questions about their first brush with fame, auditioning for roles, rejection, the road ahead and experiences that have shaped them. The five young actors were asked about a role they envy and one thing they would like to change about the film industry. 


When asked about that one role they ency and they would have loved to play themself, here's what the five stars said. Radhika said, "A female version of the Joker". Ananya said, "Alia Bhatt’s role in Gully Boy. I really wished I were a part of that film". Mrunal said, "Iron Man. I envy Robert Downey Jr. for that role, for being able to wear the Iron Man suit". Avinash said, "Gully Boy". Janhvi Kapoor said, "The Joker. I would love to play a female character that’s just as uninhibited as the Joker". 



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The five stars were then asked about one thing they would like to change about their film industry. Avinash said, "I think we need to create a space where more cinematic voices can be heard. There are so many good films that do not get the visibility they deserve or do not even see the light of the day. We need to increase the number of exhibition centres, for one". Janhvi said, "Times are changing, but I still I think we need to have a little less “sanitized” role for women. The best such role I can think of, in the Indian context, is the one played by Nutan in Bandini. There should be more roles that portray the uninhibited side of the female – roles such as the female versions of Kabir Singh or the Joker". Mrunal said, "I think many actors/actresses do not get the kind of recognition or the kind of roles they deserve. We need to look beyond commercial considerations; look beyond star power. Good actors should get good roles; it shouldn’t be a function of their box office pull." Ananya said, "We need to stop imitating the West or looking there for inspiration. We have so many great stories to tell and such great talent who can tell it!" Radhika said, "Even today, there’s far too much emphasis on who the “hero” of the film is. Even I give a great performance, it means nothing unless the movie is a commercial success. That’s sad. I think this needs to change."


(Source: MAMI)