If Bipasha says she’s not pregnant, we had better believe her!


Clearly fed up to the gills of reports insinuating she is pregnant and shielding her baby bump, Bipasha Basu took to Twitter to set the record straight… "Amused yet again. I kept a bag on my lap while getting into my car and certain media people started my pregnancy speculation again. Guys, I am not pregnant. Kind of getting irritating. Stay calm. It will happen only when we want it,” the actress retorted.

Bipasha and husband Karan Singh Grover, who had starred together in the film Alone and went on to tie the knot in 2016, have been hounded by pregnancy rumours of late. After her birthday, Bipasha had thanked her husband for making her birthday so special, adding, “He has also given me a special gift which will arrive in a few days (laughs). But that I can’t tell you.” What made it even more intriguing was Karan adding, “And everyone is waiting.’’
This had sparked off rumours that the actress was definitely in the family way. More so, in December they had also been spotted together at the hospital which nearly all of B-town’s mommies-to-be go to, to deliver their li’l bundles of joy. However, that visit too was written off as Karan’s stomach infection which required testing at the hospital.

Speculation had surged again when Bipasha and Karan were snapped recently, leaving a spa in the city. The actress appeared to be in a rush to get into the car. What’s more, it appeared that she used her bag to conceal her baby bump. But this too is just fiction, according to Bips.

Rubbishing pregnancy rumours is getting to be a habit for the actress. In 2017, she had voiced, “The constant guessing game is tiring. I am not pregnant, please end this speculation.”

Her tweet exhorting all to “stay calm. It will happen only when we want it,” should hopefully shut down the rumours - for the time being!