Twinkle makes even doctor’s visits entertaining for Akshay!


Akshay Kumar is not one bit surprised by his better half knowledgeably holding forth on menstruation and other related issues on the BBC. He is used to it, as he quips, “Imagine what happens at home! Every day is a great day, and every day I get to learn so many things because she reads a lot and she knows a lot. It’s so much fun, I must tell you when we have to go meet a doctor. And the doctor is talking and she takes over the doctor and starts telling the doctor, ‘Listen…’. She uses such words; I have seen the doctor get scared when she talks! They tell me, ‘Akshay come alone next time, leave your wife at home!’”

We see some of Twinkle’s spark at the event too… When a journo asks her whom she had envisioned in the role of PadMan, given that she had revealed Akshay wasn’t her initial choice, she jests, “Are you trying to make trouble in my marriage now?” She goes on to add, “I did think of a few people. But then if we have somebody whom the Indian public idolizes, and men look up to – and if he holds a sanitary pad then it becomes completely a game-changing event. Balki has brought out the best in him. I don’t think anybody could have done it as wonderfully as Mr. K, here.”

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‘Mr. K’ is visibly pleased by her praise. But he does tend to take all compliments smoothly in his stride, whether it is being called George Clooney, courtesy the new look he sports, or the fact that his Toilet: Ek Prem Katha figured in a tweet by Bill Gates about the most positive events of 2017. “To be called a George Clooney is a very big compliment. And I was on stage yesterday when I received a message on my phone about Bill Gates tweeting about Toilet: Ek Prem Katha. It’s amazing that sitting so far away, people get to hear about our films. Fact remains that our country needs to improve further. Last year the problem of open defecation in India was at 54%, now it has come down to 34%. So, things are moving. And I hope that the problem of 82% of women in India not using sanitary pads, also comes down with the help of media, the government and with a little bit of help from this movie.”

The couple does not see PadMan as a money-making vehicle. In fact, Akshay has personally taken it upon himself to deliver its message into the villages, using technology such as pen-drives, to ensure it reaches those who most need it. Twinkle adds, “Yesterday we’ve even spoken to the various ministries. We are going to make sure school girls, principals, all see this film, so it penetrates where it has to. If nothing else, we are hoping to start a conversation, where the same girls who cannot afford sanitary pads go up to their parents and say, ‘Look, we don’t need fairness creams, we need sanitary pads so we can go to schools, so we can get into the workforce.”

More power to Mr. and Mrs. K, we say!