India Couture Week 2021: Poetry in motion for Anamika Khanna


Delightful designer Anamika Khanna is a lover of poetry. You felt so as you listened to the words wafting in the air as you sat before your mobile phone or laptop and tuned in to her showcase at India Couture Week, presented by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI).

As the models gamboled in a bed of flowers you listened to the poetry in motion. It went like this:

“Whether you believe in magic or not

We are stars masquerading as humans 

The loci of our possibilities

Spans the grand constellation.

Step into this greatness 

The makings of you date 14 billion years after all 

Twinkle with the light others shine unto you


Sprinkle the dust of your cosmic belonging 

Over Everything


Everything that has always been waiting for you.”

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Yes, at the end of it all you knew for sure that this collection is an emotion, a way of rejoicing beauty, an acceptance of what is, and a celebration of what we are given.


In short, this short fashion film (shorter than five minutes!) is a trendy tale of craftsmanship, paying homage to the most intricate crafts of India, now and for eternity.