March 23, 2018
Where’s the hichki if the audience tick marks you? - Rani Mukerji

LUNCH time at Yash Raj Films Studios in Andheri West. I am waiting for Rani Mukerji. She pours out like a bubbly champagne from an elevator on the first floor..... Read More

March 21, 2018
Nikita Jaisinghani is the girl who styles Karan Johar and made him Instagram’s hottest property

Nikita Jaisinghani, 27, is a cute as they come. A big talent and personality in a petite, elfin-like package. Unconventionally chic and sexy. With the perfect oval face and laughing..... Read More

March 16, 2018
Raid should do for the IT what Singham did for the Police – Ajay Devgn

AJAY Devgn was taking me for a drive. Not in the latest sports edition Ford Mustang GT that you saw in Golmaal Again last year. That belongs to director Rohit Shetty. Nor..... Read More

February 25, 2018
From the archives: When Sridevi spoke to Mark Manuel

One Ganesh Chaturthi some years ago, I invited the lovely Sridevi to join me for the 4.30pm aarti at Siddhivinayak, Mumbai's temple of miracles, dedicated to Lord Ganesh, in Prabhadevi. It was..... Read More

February 10, 2018
‘I love mad films like Rowdy Rathore!’ - R. Balki

A black London cab with a chipped license plate was parked outside R. Balki’s office in IMPAA House on Pali Hill. This used to be the HQ of the Indian..... Read More

February 05, 2018
I would be very happy if people called me ‘PadMan’, says Akshay Kumar

I LIKE to think of Akshay Kumar as the People’s Champion. It is a nickname that was given to Muhammad Ali by Elvis Presley in the 1970s. And then..... Read More

December 17, 2017
'It’s cool to be part of this great country!’

John Abraham is 45. Which is the start of middle age according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Only he does not look it. I have known him from 1999. That’s when..... Read More