December 05, 2017
BB 11: Dec 4 - Cracks in Hina, Luv and Priyank's friendship, Hiten goes shirtless!

If you were in two minds about Vikas Gupta being the mastermind of the house, then you should watch the move he made today in the nominations. The way Vikas..... Read More

December 05, 2017
BB 11: Dec 3 - Weekend Ka Vaar - Love Birds Puneesh-Bandgi part ways

So I hear it's the first and only supermoon of the season! I am sure the couples out there are letting the love prosper under the moonbeams, but how I..... Read More

December 02, 2017
BB 11 - 1 Dec - Housemates dance to the tunes of Dj Vikas and Dj Priyank

Tonight's show began with fights between old friends. Vikas told Bandgi and Puneesh in the jail about Arshi and her behaviour. Arshi took the fight to another level by writing on..... Read More

December 03, 2017
BB 11 - Weekend ka Vaar - Salman welcomed Katrina with Swag

This was one of the best weekend ka vaar episodes of the season, just hoping that someone from Romania did not watch it!!! Jokes apart, and let's keep the house gossips..... Read More

December 01, 2017
BB 11: Nov 30 - Drama Queen Hina Khan continues with her antics

Housemates are still hungover from the Lilliput and Giant task. Shilpa pokes fun at Akash's face. Bandgi on the other hand once again tries to control Puneesh by telling him..... Read More

November 30, 2017
BB 11: Nov 29 - Hiten loses his cool, Akash is tortured badly!

What the hell is happening in the Bigg Boss house? No seriously, I have been following the serial for past 10 seasons, we have seen Dolly Bindra, Imam Siddiqui, Arman..... Read More

November 29, 2017
BB 11: Nov 28 - Hina tortures Bandgi with chili powder, Akash waxes Hiten's legs!

With each passing day relationships in the house are changing their colors. Friends are turning foes and looks like everybody is fighting for their survival. The contestants wake up to the..... Read More