Sanjay Gagnani talks about buying a new property in Goa, calls it 'a long-time dream'

Sanjay Gagnani is widely known for his charm and acting skills. The actor came into instant fame with his pure talent and ability to fill the audience with an ideal pack of entertainment through his performance, but what made him the king of the audience's hearts was his power-packed portrayal of Prithvi Malhotra in the show Kundali Bhagya. A few days later, the actor took a shocking exit from the show for his Bollywood and OTT journey. He's dedicated to work and for the betterment of his skills, but apart from this, the actor took out a little time for himself and went on a long family vacation in Goa, from where he has returned now, and recently he talked about his experience and also opened up about his new property in Goa.

Talking about his experience in Goa, Sanjay said, "Goa is not my second but a parallel home. Goa is my happy place. It gives me so much peace and happiness whenever I go. My soul feels lighter, and my mind feels no stress there. I feel I have a karmic connection with Goa."

When asked about his new property, which he has recently bought in Goa, Sanjay replied, "It was a long-time dream, and then Kundali Bhagya changed my bhagya and made all my dreams come true for me, and it's at a very strategic location in North Goa, somewhere between peace and parties. And buying a house in Goa is my biggest success to date. My family and Every viewer who has liked my work have contributed to building every brick of my dream."

He added, "It’s much more peaceful and convenient to stay for longer when you have your own heavenly abode. Apart from Mumbaikar, I wanted to be called a Goan too."

Ask Sanjay about the best part of Goa, which he loves, and he said, "Freedom. You feel like a free bird here. Goa has so much to offer, but most importantly, everyone feels free there, and the freedom to be you and do anything you like is the most important and best thing a human being can feel." He continues, "It’s a myth that Goa would offer only Goan food, but it has all the cuisines of the world to offer. Goa boasts some of the best eateries in the county."

Sanjay concluded his talk by speaking about the things he loves to do in Goa and saying, "Every damn thing about Goa is beautiful. Right from water sports, beaches, churches, restos and eateries, bars and nightlife, entertainment, the culture, the people, the infrastructure, the diversity, and the natural habitats The list of what Goa has to offer is unending."