Vivek Dahiya sets the record straight about him and Divyanka Tripathi having a baby


Divyanka Tripathi who tied the knot to hubby Vivek Dahiya a year and a half ago was speculated to welcome another addition to the family. The actress who took a break in December last year from her hectic schedule to spend time to catch up on domestic bliss with husband were rumoured to expect their first child for a couple of weeks now.

However, Vivek has dismissed these rumours saying that the two are currently focussing on their respective careers instead. He said, “These are just rumours. We’re not planning a family already. There are a lot of milestones that need to be achieved. We just want to be ready, I don’t think we’re ready right now."

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“The news came out that Divyanka was part of the Forbes list (2017 Forbes India Celebrity 100) and we were really happy about it. We aim to go higher. So, there’s a lot of motivation to keep pushing ourselves forward and achieve more. There’s a lot on our plate. I have things planned for myself career-wise,” he added.

And talking about the ennumerable rumours that were circulating, he said, "I take it very positively. I think all these people who’re concerned about us have become one big family. You know how there are people in your family... your dadis and your aunts... speculating about when shall we have a baby? [Fans] are almost as close to us as our family. They’ve been part of our journey from the start and they know exactly, step by step, how we came together. They all do it in good faith and with lots of love.”

Speaking of fans, the actor expressed how his fans motivate him during his blues, “Some of [the fans] are really helpful. On a bad, discouraging day, they’d really motivate you. I’d read their posts and get so pumped up. It’s a great feeling."