Karma for Karimi? Mandana and Gaurav to end their Marriage!


Ex Bigg Boss contestant and actress, Mandana Karimi is reportedly splitting with her husband and businessman, Gaurav Gupta. The two have been struggling to keep their relationship alive and it seems like their differences are finally about to tear them apart. Ever since it was found that Mandana’s emotional cry for help was nothing short of a gimmick to get her husband and in-laws to submit to her, a patch-up with her husband, Gaurav, sounds as plausible as Mandana’s lies. Recently, a source told a leading tabloid, “It doesn’t look like a reconciliation is happening. Gaurav is still unsure about trusting Mandana and since the trust factor has gone missing in their marriage, a patch-up seems unlikely.”

It's also being said that Gaurav was keen to help her out financially, but the actress firmly denied. The duo’s infamous spat has drawn a lot of attention and it has also been reported that Mandana’s lies were a result of Gaurav’s brother prepping for marriage with his girlfriend and actress, Smriti. She didn’t want another woman in the family and strongly disapproved of their marriage.

Mandana and Gaurav’s personal affairs become public when she accused her husband and in-laws of domestic violence and went on to file a complaint in June 2017. Karimi accused her husband and in-laws of violating her and forcing her to change her religion. She also said that they forced her to bid adieu to her acting career and that they were manipulative. Mandana moved out of Gaurav’s house in Juhu and is currently living as a paying guest in an apartment in Khar. After Mandana filed the reports and came out in public with these allegations, it was found that most of them, if not all, were false. In an interview with a leading tabloid, she had said, “I haven’t filed for a divorce. I don’t want a divorce, and I simply want to go back to my matrimonial house. I have filed a domestic violence case against my mother-in-law and husband (crying) because my mother-in-law has thrown me out of the house and my husband supported this. He had promised me that we are shifting out of that house. Basically, they have manipulated me, by saying that let us move out of this house and get a rented apartment till then, but they were literally trying to get rid of me from that house and take all my rights.”


Rumour has it that Mandana may be dating again. According to a report, the actress was found hanging out with Rinzing Denzongpa, actor Danny Denzongpa's son. The two have been spotted hanging out regularly in the gym and going out for drives in Rinzing’s SUV. Perhaps a new man crush for Madana? Only time will tell what’s brewing here.