Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Day 73: Rohit pees on national television this season


Seems like peeing on national television is a tradition on Bigg Boss. From Prince Narula to Priya Mallik to Swami Om each season there is one contestant who pees on the show and just guess who is the one from this season. Rohit Suchanti, yes, you heard that right. During the captaincy task, Rohit peed in Surbhi’s sipper as Deepak and Surbhi held the blanket for him. However, his stunt was of no use as an upset Bigg Boss canceled the captaincy task as the contestants first did not understand the game and despite BB giving them one more chance couldn’t make a mutual decision. Phew! Once again Salman has the same issue to address for the coming weekend.

Megha was completely left out by her team when it came to deciding who would be fighting for the captaincy. An upset Megha today understood that no matter what she does she still has not made her way through Dipika’s group. Surbhi and Sreesanth once again were at loggerheads during the task and as usual no one minced words to insult the other.  Dipika paid the price for ditching Karanvir from her list as KV refused to help Dipika in any way for the captaincy. Wonder where is this war going.

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Here’s all that happened in the house: 

Housemates woke up to the song Tum hi bandhu sakha tum hi ho from Cocktail. Jasleen had a chat with Rohit and said that everybody is a slave of their habits and like they say old habits die hard and particularly at this stage of life to adapt to change is very hard. She asked Rohit if he would change and he said that he felt that what he was doing was right and good for him. Romil taunted Somi of getting defensive for Deepak during yesterday’s task. He was upset that when his turn came Happy Club did not think twice before shunning him. He warned Somi that he was good friend but he could also be a tough enemy. Somi had a chat with Romil about yesterday’s task and gave him the reason of not agreeing with Jasleen. Somi told Romil that she felt overpowered by Jasleen and felt that Jasleen was being biased. Romil later rapped for Somi and tried to mend things with her on the pretext that he cannot see anyone upset.

Meanwhile, KV and Deepak had a chat about Romil and KV clearly said that he disliked Romil for his games. KV said that Romil was full of malice. He explained Deepak that no matter how much you pretend to be good on the camera the truth is that you remain what you are. KV told Deepak that no matter what happened he could never become Deepak and vice versa. Romil persuaded Somi to sit with him and Somi obliged only to later realize that Romil is a smooth talker. Romil tried persuading her by saying that no one understood her better than him in the house. He asked her who was crushing on each other, Deepak on her or opposite. Somi refused to comment.

Bigg Boss announced the captaincy task and asked housemates to select four contenders whose performance in the BB Panchayat task was good. Somi and Jasleen couldn’t come to a conclusion for the last round and as a punishment, they couldn’t give their views on the names and couldn’t even be a part of the discussion. KV and Dipika’s group decided to choose contenders from their team. Dipika and Sreesanth chose Romil over Megha and she got upset. Megha tried hard to push for herself but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Ultimately, Surbhi, Dipika, Deepak and Romil were chosen as the contenders for captaincy. 

Megha got upset and started to rant about not choosing her and said that as protest she would not lend her support to anyone. Somi and Jasleen tried to explain her but Megha was too upset to hear anything. Dipika read out the captaincy task. As per the rules, the four had to choose a representative who would play for them. There were four swords buried under the rock in the garden area and the four representatives had to guard the sword. The sword couldn’t be removed by physical force and the contender and representative would have to convince their opponent to leave the sword.

Deepak chose KV as his contender, Surbhi wanted Megha but she said she needed time to think, Romil was in a fix but chose Somi. However, Somi refused on health grounds and Romil had to go with Jasleen. Megha decided to represent Dipika and Surbhi then convinced Rohit. Rohit was upset that her first choice was Megha. Surbhi explained him the reason. Finally, Rohit agreed.

Romil and Deepak made a plan to infuriate Megha so that she leaves the sword and they get a chance. Deepak discussed the same with Surbhi. Surbhi started taunting Sreesanth that he talks about being supportive of Dipika and never even came forward for representing her. Sreesanth tried to keep his calm. Rohit started irritating Sreesanth over their yesterday’s fight and taunted Sree about calling him in the bathroom. Sree walked into the house.

Dipika tried to convince KV and asked him to return her favor and pay for his decision to send her to jail. KV reminded her that he as not in her list. Romil tried to irritate Megha and she said that a person’s stature is proved by their achievements. KV said let the man/ woman win. Deepak made a passing remark on Jasleen and said that the latter was neither a man nor a woman. KV called Deepak close to him and warned him that this could have bad repercussions and get him out of the house. While Sree enjoyed a hearty meal inside the house, Deepak tried to pick up a fight with Romil by confronting him for his remark. Deepak told Romil that he is aware that Romil had said that Deepak does not have any brains. The two get into an ego tussle.

Sree joined the fight in the garden area and Surbhi started targeting him. Surbhi also targeted Dipika and said that it is the 11th week and she had failed to have an identity of her own and is only famous for being Sreesanth’s mouth piece. Sree criticized Rohit and Surbhi’s fitness levels.  The argument between Surbhi and Sreesanth aggravated and they threatened to get physical. Somi intervened but they ignore her. Sree told KV that it was his plan to show her that he could also pull a psycho act. Sree continued to infuriate her and Surbhi showed him the middle finger.

The day passed and everybody seemed too strong to leave their position. Megha tried to convince Rohit to leave Surbhi’s side. Surbhi and Rohit reminded her of Salman’s word to not take things too far. Romil knew about Rohit’s inability to control his pee and started narrating a story of a guy who got cramps at places for holding his pee. Romil said that he even got cramps in his private part and KV told him to be respectful as even women were participating in the show.

Finally, Rohit couldn’t hold his pee and asked Surbhi to get a bottle. Surbhi got her sipper and Sree and Dipika were shocked. Deepak and Surbhi covered Rohit with a blanket and he peed in the bottle. Bigg Boss intervened and once again explained the rules of the game to the contestants. He said that the contenders could not help each other. Bigg Boss then announced a twist to the game and said that at the sound of the buzzer it was important for one of the contenders to get eliminated. Who gets eliminated would be decided mutually amongst the four.

Jasleen and a couple of others decided to target Surbhi first but Karavir, Megha and Surbhi decided to throw Megha. Surbhi and Sreesanth again got into an argument and Romil and Jasleen tried to convince Rohit to move out as Surbhi was not apt. Romil even said that he would move out for Dipika as she has never been the captain. Rohit refuses. Dipika again tried to seek help from KV but he refused to go back on his decision and said that they were not friends anymore.  Somi asked for votes, KV and Surbhi voted for Megha and Megha and Jasleen for Surbhi. Somi asked Bigg Boss to intervene as it was a tie and they couldn’t decide mutually. Bigg Boss got upset and said that if two Sarpanch couldn’t decide then who was he and cancelled the task.

Post the task KV had a chat with Surbhi. He said that he was all support for Surbhi as he views her in a different light today but she needs to know where to draw a line. Surbhi said that this was her true self and she is not faking her aggression. KV said that Sree bragged that he had the capacity to infuriate Brian Lara and hence Surbhi did not even stand a chance compared to him. KV said that he would bring this up in front of Salman during weekend ka vaar.

How will be the house function without a captain? Now will there be fights for duties? Will not having a captain impact who would be going to the Kaalkothari? Leave your views below and keep reading this space for more.