BB 11: Dec 5 - Friendship vs Captaincy as Housemates turn babysitters!


Housemates wake up to the song "Chotta Baccha" in the morning. Arshi continues to instigate housemates against Shilpa Shinde. During a conversation, Arshi tells Puneesh to keep a distance from Shilpa. She keeps telling Luv that he is lucky to have come so far. Akash picks up on Vikas and raps while making allegations towards him. He also makes a statement that Hiten needs Arshi to survive in the show.

Hiten then reads out the "Baby Day Care" task for captaincy. The housemates turn babysitters for each other's baby. They are given a pram and each time the baby cry sound plays they will have to rush to park the pram. The one that does not get the parking his/her contestant will lose captaincy.


Shilpa is babysitting Priyank, Vikas is babysitting Arshi, Luv babysits Puneesh, Akash is assigned for Luv, Hina babysits for Akash, Arshi is babysitting Shilpa, Hiten babysits Hina, Luv is babysitting Vikas, Priyank is babysitting for Puneesh, and lastly, Akash babysits Hiten.

Hiten babysits Hina, Hina babysits Akash, Akash babysits Hiten, Vikas babysits Arshi, Arshi babysits Shilpa, Shilpa babysits Priyank, Luv babysits Vikas, Priyank babysits Puneesh, Puneesh babysits Luv!

The interesting line up adds all the spice to the task as now whether they want it or not, the housemates will have to depend on the other person to perform for them. Hina makes it clear to Hiten that she wants to be the captain. Contestants have fun with their babies. Vikas calls his baby Naagin and Puneesh also makes fun of Luv and Hina's doll. Vikas jokingly tells Hiten to lose the task and be 'sanchalak as this would also mean Hina being out of the game.

As the task starts, the baby crying sound plays and Priyank misses the spot making Puneesh loose the captaincy. Hina and gang plan strategies to play the game. He tells her about Shilpa asking him if he would save Puneesh after being the captain. Akash taunts Arshi and their fight fizzles out and they become friends again.

Akash then says that he is bored with the game and has lost interest in it and hence he does not want to play anymore. As the baby cry sound plays, everyone rushes except Akash. A lousy Akash for the sake of it makes it to the parking lot but looses the plot eliminating Hiten's chances. Hiten taunts him that people have seen his true character. An arrogant Akash ignores him.

Hina and the trio get back to planning. Vikas too discusses the strategy with Hiten and Puneesh. Hina is disturbed that Arshi will become the captain. Vikas makes it clear to Puneesh that come what may, Luv should not become the captain. After what Arshi did with Shilpa, Vikas confesses about being in second mind about the game. He makes this clear to Arshi.

Arshi goes to the washroom and cries. Akash sees her crying and tries to cheer her up.

Hina talks to Hiten and Vikas and tells them that she really wants to be the captain. Both of them agree with her but the moment Hina walks out they flip.  Akash tells Hina that he does not want to be the captain any more, so she can loose the game if she wants. Hina is upset and tries to have a conversation with Akash but in vain. BB announces a wrap up on the game for today.

Arshi is still in shock with what Vikas not supporting her and narrates this to Hina and others. Luv tries to convince Vikas to make him the captain and Vikas bluntly refuses. Puneesh is excited to see what is Vikas' move.

Arshi continues to taunt Vikas and he looses his cool, he calls her crazy. Luv unleashes his cunning side. Looks like he wants to get back at Vikas for him turning down his offer. Luv asks Arshi to make up her mind if she wants to still be the captain, as he has plans to turn the tables around. Can he actually do it or he is just faffing, is very early to say.

Puneesh, Vikas and Hiten discuss their plans for tomorrow. Akash takes Shilpa in the garden area and tries to play peacemaker between Arshi and her. Shilpa refuses to make up with Arshi. A worked up Arshi blasts Shilpa and says mean things to her. Shilpa too gives it back to Arshi. Akash drops Shilpa back inside and apologizes for what unfolded.

The game gets interesting tomorrow as Hina Khan who is desperate to become the captain, her fate lies in Hiten's hand. Will Hiten play his game or play from Vikas's mind?