BB 11: Dec 3 - Weekend Ka Vaar - Love Birds Puneesh-Bandgi part ways


So I hear it's the first and only supermoon of the season! I am sure the couples out there are letting the love prosper under the moonbeams, but how I wish this could also be the case inside the house too. The only couple in the house Puneesh and Bandgi had to part ways on the show, as Bandgi got fewer votes.

Here's a brief summary of what happened in the Weekend ka Vaar today.

As promised by Salman Khan yesterday, Katrina Kaif entered the house to meet the housemates. The show begins with Katrina impersonating the way Salman's signature style of welcoming his audience. Salman then gives her tour of the house from his own secret room. Salman warns her against Akash Dadlani. Salman then rings a bell on the phone in the house and Akash receives the phone. Salman calls for Shilpa and gives her a very special task. He asks her to make his guest feel comfortable in the house. Katrina enters the house and the housemates were of course excited.

Katrina's presence fades away the mundane stuff and adds a new air of freshness to the atmosphere. Katrina assigns fun tasks to the boys and asks them to impress her by making chapati. She too tries her hands on it. She asked Akash to rap as they make chapatis. Katrina is impressed with Puneesh's chapatis and assigns him the No. 1 tag. Puneesh is thrilled. Vikas is second, then Hiten and then Priyank.

Katrina then asked the boys to do some belly dancing for her wearing choli. The boys wholeheartedly turn Genie for the lady to grant her wish. Vikas and Puneesh perform on "Afghan Jalebi" and Vikas receives a standing ovation for his effort. Next is Priyank and Hiten and Priyank takes over Hiten.

The next task of the boys is to make a portrait of Katrina on a canvas. Salman enters the house through Me-TV and Shilpa pulls his leg by asking to impress Katrina. Salman's instant reply is that he has done it long back.

The boys keep trying their hands on the canvas. Salman says whenever he draws Katrina's portrait she looks like Vidya Balan. Katrina too very sweetly complains that every time he draws her, he makes the nose very long. Salman playfully taunts that she has a long nose.

The boys meanwhile try their best but fail miserably and Katrina asks Salman to impress her. Salman in his peculiar style resides SRK's poetry from Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Katrina says that though she lauds their efforts the real Tiger to impress her is only and only Salman.

Katrina then bids goodbye to the housemates and as she gives a hug to some, Salman's face was worth watching. I am sure he was worried about she hugging the other savages like Akash and Luv.

Salman then showed what was happening in the house. Puneesh and Bandgi discuss Akash and elimination. Puneesh is worried and says that if Bandgi leaves he will be out of the game soon as she keeps his anger under control and also handles him better when the situation goes out of hand.

Salman then announces Sultani Akhada and Puneesh and Luv are pitted against each other. Luv is excited to fight. In the first round, the boys hit each other by saying mean things about Bandgi and Hina. The first round is a tie. In the second round, the opponents have to push their counterpart out of the ring. The one who gets the best of three wins the round. Luv wins the second round.

Salman then announces a task which literally sends chill down, not just their spine but all over. The housemates are seated in the garden area and he calls a couple of them and asks them to near the pool. He then asks one of the remaining people a question and at every yes the contestants will have to take a step inside the pool.

Hina is the first to go, followed by Vikas, and lastly Shilpa.

For Hina, Salman asked Vikas, if Hina thinks that Luv and Priyank will be eliminated before her. Vikas' answer is yes. He then puts Priyank in a tight spot by asking him about Hina being insecure about Shilpa. Priyank knew where it was coming from and says yes.

Next is Vikas and Salman makes sure to pick people who hate Vikas and puts such questions that the answer would be yes.

Shilpa is the next one to come near the pool and Salman asked Priyank if she is really janus faced. He disagrees.

Lastly, Arshi is called in the pool and Hina warns her that they have just become friends. With Arshi, Salman mostly questions about her equation with Shilpa Shinde.

Salman then asks who will leave the house to everyone and Hina takes Luv's name. Salman is taken by surprise and questions Hina. Hina says that he is the weak one comparatively. Salman then fools around by a saying that Luv is evicted. Salman also explains Luv about what is expected out of him and how lucky he is to get opportunities again and again. He also reminds Luv of Sapna's sacrifice for him.

Now Bandgi and Puneesh remain and Salman asks them to bid goodbye to everyone and come to a secret room. He says that they will either go together or will decide amongst themselves about who should leave the show tonight.

Bandgi and Puneesh are given a special treatment and the same couch on which they have had their special moment is brought for them in a secret room. Salam says that he wants them to have some alone time as he understands that things will be tough from here on. He also says that he believes that their love for each other is real and says that after going out the couple should take the step ahead and silence the gossip mongers.

Salman then has a special treat for the lovebirds. He plays a compilations of their love moments for them. Both Bandgi and Puneesh get very emotional, watching their journey. Salman then announces that it is Bandgi who is leaving the house. The lovers say a teary goodbye and best of luck to each other. Puneesh asks Bandgi to wait for him outside and that he will see her soon.

Arshi and Akash are thrilled to have Puneesh back. Puneesh breaks down in front of Vikas and he consoles him. While sharing a smoke Akash apologizes to Puneesh and Puneesh and him strategies their next move. Akash brainwashes Puneesh about Shilpa. Arshi says Bandgi's absence will be beneficial for his friendship with Puneesh.

Arshi and Akash plan about fooling Shilpa. Akash says he will fake and apology and force her to forgive her. He also tells Arshi that there will be times when he will oppose Arshi when she insults Shilpa, but it will all be to win Shilpa's trust back in her. Shilpa refuses to accept his apology.

He goes inside to apologize to Shilpa, who is having her dinner with Puneesh. Arshi as per plan is spending time with Hiten in the garden. She tells Hiten to make sure that Shipa and Akash do not become friends, so that she can nominate Akash this week. She even tries to convince Vikas and Vikas asks her to keep him out of the mess.

Hina, Vikas, Arshi and Luv discuss the situation inside the bedroom.

Salman takes leave for the weekend.

Once again nominations will raise its head as it is Monday tomorrow. Each nomination will now start changing the game. Who gets nominated and how does that affect the equations in the house will be interesting to watch.