There hasn't been a closure; knew it was time to draw the curtains: Mithila Palkar & Dhruv Sehgal on 'Little Things'



Goodbyes are the hardest. Especially when they span across 4 seasons and 6 years. But Mithila Palkar aka Kavya and Dhruv Sehgal aka Dhru are finally hanging their boots as their much-loved slice-of-life series, Little Things, is coming to an end with Season 4.

In a heartwarming chat with the two, in an equally beautiful home space recreated by Team Netflix, the actors equated their farewell moment with the show as 'heartbreaking' and that there hasn't been any closure on their end. While Dhruv, also the creator of the show knew that it was THE time to wrap Little Things, Mithila shed the light on growing up with their characters in real life.

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The duo also shared their 'big' plans post 'Little Things' wrap-up, not changing anything if the show is remade today and dropping a hint to reunite after a few years to tell the tale of Dhruv and Kavya in their 40s, or 60s!