After slamming journo for allegedly editing her interview, Preity Zinta clarifies her stand on #MeToo in ‘final statement’


After condemning a senior journalist for allegedly editing her opinion on the #MeToo movement during an interview with him, Preity Zinta posted her “final statement” on Twitter, saying that it is ironic enough for her to clarify the matter considering the fact that she has “gone through abuse” herself. Preity’s interview to the journalist on #MeToo, she claimed, was “edited to trivialis& be insensitive,” as the actress was censured online for saying that she “wished” she had faced sexual harassment in the film industry. More on this later.

“My reason for saying "I wish something like this would have happened to me" in the film industry with a smile was because I would have reacted and slapped the person. So it never happened and much later when it happened I did react & the whole world saw it,” Preity clarified in her statement, adding that she was smiling during the interview because she was promoting her upcoming film Bhaiaji Superhit.

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Read her statement here:

In case you aren’t aware of the controversy that Preity embroiled herself in following the interview, here’s the story. While speaking to the senior journalist, Preity was asked whether she had faced sexual harassment in the film industry.

"No I haven't... I wish I had. So that I had an answer to tell you as to how," and then she laughed. "This is a very relevant question because people treat you like the way you want to be treated," she added.

Very obviously, Twitter was infuriated with her response as Preity was reprimanded for trivializing the movement. Her tweet arrived soon after in which she said that it was sad that the interview was edited to “gain traction.”

The #MeToo movement gained momentum in the last few months in India where several Bollywood actresses and budding filmmakers and writers shared stories of their harassment at the workplace by powerful people in the industry.