Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Daily Updates: Naira and family learn about Naitik’s depression

Goenkas and Singhanias celebrate Holi together…

The latest episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai begins with Naitik suffering through dizziness. He falls down and Manish is the one to see him. Soon Swarna and Rajshri see Manish rushing towards Naitik. The ladies also rush to help him.

Meanwhile, Kartik and Naira spend quality time amidst the snow. Suddenly, Naira gets a call and she panics on hearing about Naitik’s ill health. She asks Kartik along with the entire family to fly down to Udaipur. Naitik is taken under observation at the hospital. Bhabhi Maa and Devyani blame themselves for Naitik’s ill health. They keep complaining about being unable to take care of their son. That is when  Naksh intervenes and asks them to calm down. Kriti is also taken aback by the incident but she tries to keep up a strong demeanour in front of everybody else.


Suddenly, Priyanka tried entering in Naitik’s room but is stopped by Naksh who asks her to go away. This turns Priyanka angry and he tells him to stay away from her duties as a doctor. At the sudden outburst, Naksh is taken by surprised.

Later, Kartik informs the family that Priyanka is a therapist and that, Naitik is a patient. He informs the family that Naitik could be depressed. Hearing this, everyone in the house is taken aback. While everyone is busy blaming themselves for being irresponsible, Kartik angrily asks why he couldn’t understand Naitik’s condition despite having faced similar issues with his mother’s depression. Naira cries inconsolably questioning why Naitik couldn’t share his issues with her.

In order to console her, Kartik says it was probably Naitik and Naira’s fight that caused him the stress. Manish says that being a father he understands Naitik’s intentions of not letting his children know about his state and have them worried.

Later when Naitik feels better, everybody goes to meets him. Upon seeing the family, Naitik apologizes for having caused tension and stress to them. Naira and Naksh breakdown as they hug Naitik. Naksh says that he couldn’t be a good son but Naitik calms him down. Naitik suggests celebrating the festival of Holi since it is his and Akshara’s favourite festival. Suhasini says that it is a great idea and that is how they should kick-start a new beginning and let bygones be bygones and eradicate all the negativity in the Holika fire.

At night, Naira and Kartik argue cutely over who will sleep where. They hug each other and apologize for their past mistakes. Naira apologizes for snoring loudly while Kartik apologizes for sleeping in Luv and Kush’s room. Meanwhile, Suhana keeps Shubham dancing to her tunes and tries to fool him by acting nice and sweet. As it would go, Shubham falls into the trap.

Suhana meets a man and tells him how she has trapped Shubham and how he is from a filthy rich family. She says that they will have to act nice and sweet so that they can extract all the money from Shubham and his family and then live a lavish life.

The next day, the Goenkas go to the Singhania house to celebrate Holi. They enquire about Naitik’s health and Bhabhi maa tells them how Naksh and Kirti, Naira and Kartik have been taking care of Naitik like a baby. Suhasini smiles. Naira and Kartik come and everybody asks them what the surprise was all about. Meanwhile, Shubham keeps trying to call Suhana but she refuses to answer. She decides to avoid answering Shubham’s calls to make him restless for her. Meanwhile, Naira and Kartik decide to reveal the surprise to everybody.

To be continued…