Yeh Hai Mohabbatein June 12, 2018: Ishita refuses to let Roshni go to the Bhalla house

Ishita refuses to let Roshni go with the Bhallas

The latest episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein begins with Shagun asking Alia to come home with them but Alia refuses which makes Shagun angry.

Mani also asks Shagun to let Alia live with her in-laws. Santoshi thanks Alia for understanding them.

Alia goes to her room and remembers the time when Aditya had confessed his feelings for Roshni. She decides to seek revenge on Roshni and decides to take away Roshni’s child from her.

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She decides to give all her love to Roshni’s child.

Raman, Santoshi, Ruhi and Mr Bhalla reach Ishita’s house. Ruhi tells Ishita that they want to take Roshni and Ishita home. Ishita realises it was a dream and panics.

Raman tells Santoshi that Ishita will not let Roshni come to Bhalla home. Mihika also says the same.

Mrs Iyer says that she has a plan to convince her daughter and show her that the family loves Roshni and her child.

Roshni is about to leave for her clinic when she sees Raman and family at her doorstep.

Santoshi says they want to speak with Ishita regarding Roshni and the child. Ishita is surprised to see the entire Bhalla family at her home.

Shagun tells Mani that she has already lost Aditya and doesn’t want to lose Alia. He suggests her to start a catering business to divert herself.

Ruhi greets Roshni happily. Santoshi tells Ishita that she wants to do celebrate a baby shower of Roshni at the Bhalla house. Ishita applauds the idea and asks them where they were from the past eight months.

Ishita says she will not let anyone separate Roshni and her own child. Ishita refuses to let Roshni go with the Bhallas.