Yeh Hai Mohabbatein June 11, 2018: Alia feels left out by the Bhalla family

Meanwhile Shagun warns Ishita of an impending problem

The episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein begins with Alia getting upset about Santoshi’s decision of bringing Roshni’s child home. She feels left out and betrayed. Param tries entering Alia’s room to instigate her against the family but Mihika reaches just in time and scolds him.
Param tells her that he is concerned about Alia. Santoshi tells everyone that she is forming her decision. Raman.tries and talks to Alia and convince her.

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Alia refuses to listen to Raman and says that she thought the entire Bhalla family would support her. Alia further tells Raman that she cannot stand Roshni and the child in their house.
Param tells everything to Shagun and Mani. They get shocked. Ishita is at home, preparing to welcome Aditya’s child into the world and gets a call from Ruhi. She tries to inform Ishita that the family is planning to bring Roshni home but Raman interrupts her in between. He tells her that if Ishita gets to know that the family is planning to take her child she will not let this happen and promises to tell everything to her himself. Ishita gets doubtful as she hears Raman’s voice. Shagun calls Ishita and warns her to be away from Alia and the Bhalla family. Ishita wonders what is wrong.
Shagun and Mani reach the Bhalla house and get mad at them and decide to take her home.