‘Khichdi’ Season 3 Review: This dysfunctional family is hitting all the right spots

The years melt away as viewer fave ‘Khichdi’ is welcomed with open arms and serves a feast to the viewers! 

Khichdi Season 3 is out and it’s full-on entertainment again. The show’s latest season premiered on April 14, and we bring you our review of the first weekend:

Prafullll….Hansaaa…. Babujiii….

Like its previous seasons, the show revolves around the antics of Babuji a.k.a. Tulsidas Parekh (Anang Desai), Praful (Rajeev Mehta), Hansa (Supriya Pathak), gossip-queen Jayshree (Vandana Pathak) and Himanshu (JD Majethia). Their lives are not exactly all ha ha hee hee – they have been conned by a builder, and left with an unfinished house minus walls and windows. What’s more, they are being threatened by people who had invested in the housing project started by them, and are now feeling duped.

The banter between the characters is spot-on. There’s Bapu Ji’s regular line, “Jayshree, chai la rahi ho ya bahar se mangwaon?” and Praful teaching Hansa ‘English’ words in his funny way. The Parekh family has you chuckling at its looting of the bank and their gushing over Himanshu’s disastrous painting talent. The Parekhs are blessed with the knack of laughing over even life’s tragedies…something many of us wish we could do!

Added to the original cast is Renuka Shahane, whose inclusion is a happy surprise. Even though the show drags in parts, it is entertaining and a refreshing watch.

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Rajeev Mehta who essays Praful is a huge fan of his show, declaring, “Khichdi is a benchmark, a cult and the only television show that can be stated as a ‘comedy series’.” He feels no other show can come close to the standards set by ‘Khichdi’ which is why he feels blessed to be a part of it.

He believes the USP of the show is the script. “Aatish (Kapadia) has done a wonderful job and that has strengthened the entire show. Also the characters, the beauty of it being that each one has its own traits, a different charm. They all stand out and people have their own favourites among us. I really think that while the script is the body of Khichdi, all characters are its various features and together they make a successful entity.”

Khichdi lovers would agree!