Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Day 52: Somi, Karanveer, Megha and Romil to compete for captaincy

Housemates celebrated Sreesanth’s birthday, Sreesanth called in confession room over issues in the house, Dipika made halwa for Sree’s birthday

Happy Diwali to one and all, hope you had a peaceful Diwali at least with your family and friends as inside the heart of the housemates was only lit with revenge. Cracks between Karanveer and Sreesanth widen as they threaten to take this out of the house. Deepak and Sree also had a heated argument after which Sree was called inside the confession room by Bigg Boss.

Here’s all that happened in the house:

The yahan wahan task in the house continued. Dipika and Surbhi both were not ready to leave the temporary house and Exeter the main house. Srishty warned them that if it continued like this chances are that the task will be discontinued and everybody will be a loss. Deepak instigates Jasleen to leave the house. Surbhi brings up the comment where Sree had said that sometimes they throw coins at the poor.

Jasleen took an impromptu decision of changing to the main house. This irked Dipika and Karanveer. Dipika was upset that she did not discuss it with them. Karanveer also told her that if they are playing from the same side she should have calculated it wisely. Jasleen blamed Karanveer for changing his mind. Her friend Shiv also got very angry at her and said that if she gives her word she should stick to it. In her defense Jasleen said that no one was ready to go hence she took the call.

While Dipika and Megha were planning the next move. Sreesanth and Karanveer indulged in a war of words and Sreesanth called him naag (Snake). They both threaten each other to get physical. Deepak also jumped into the fight and said things to Sree. He said that he can never stoop to the level that Sree has fallen too. Sreesanth accused KV of doing things to be seen and KV called him a termite.

The task is called off for the day and Bigg Boss announced housemates will continue to live wherever they were. The next day morning they all woke up to the song “Hungama Ho Gaya.” Jasleen was still defending herself and said that she made a decision when she felt that others didn’t care if the task got discontinued. Dipika tried to take Happy clubs support for KV and herself. Romil tried to give her plan that balanced both the sides. Sreesanth had a hunch of what Romil was planning and informed Megha about the same. Dipika told Romil that she is ready to sacrifice her captaincy for KV as he truly deserved to be the captain. Sreesanth told Megha that she is the masterstroke and will snatch the captaincy from Dipika and Karanveer. Megha, KV and Dipika discussed the order in which they would enter the house and Deepak and his gang planned their order of exit.

Deepak said that since his medicines had come out. He explained KV about their plan and told him that once Surbhi came out he will be going in. When the buzzer went KV opposed Surbhi’s exit from the temporary house. Surbhi said she was unwell. KV and Surbhi get into an argument. Surbhi said that she wanted to have a bath and will be coming out. Megha got upset at their move and blamed KV for trusting Happy Club. Megha said that she will not go by anyone’s strategy and will get into the house at the next buzzer. At the next buzzer, Megha and KV both run to Srishty. They both argue about who will be going in. Megha and KV try to convince each other hard but in vain. Bigg Boss finally intervened and asked Srishty to take a call. Srishty tried to give them a fair chance by asking them their best reasons to choose either of them. Sreesanth and Rohit vote for Megha. Srishty chose Megha and an Upset KV yelled at her. Srishty told him that she was just trying to be fair as Megha’s efforts were more. Deepak told her that Megha was a seeing choice and  Srishty told him to keep his personal differences to himself.

Sreesanth and Karanveer had another argument this time things went off hand as they both challenged each other to get into a physical fight. Sreesanth told KV he missed his flight and KV misheard it for life. He retaliated by telling Sree that he had missed his ten years. Sree said that he only missed five years of cricket and that it was his profession and not his life. Sreesanth spits in front of KV and he called him a dog for the same. In no time the boys stood in front of each other with a threat to hit. Deepak intervened and told Sree that he has insulted people enough and he should take it. Sree refused that he had insulted anybody.

Dipika and KV and plan who will be going next. Dipika told Srishty that she wanted to go to the main house but after KV has entered the temporary house. Sreesanth taunted Deepak that he is a big player and will win the game. Deepak asked him to shut up and Sree said that he said it out of respect. Deepak reacted by saying that he is not even close to the R of respect. The buzzer goes and KV entered the makeshift house. Sreesanth was looking for the keys of the kaalkothari and Deepak refused to disclose the location. Sreesanth made a nasty gesture to Deepak and he asked him to mind his language.

Bigg Boss intervened and called Sreesanth in the confession room. He probed into his behavior and Sree said that too many personal comments on his life, his surgery, and other things were taking a toll him. He expressed his will to discontinue of this was the case. Bigg Boss gave him a perspective that he should think of possibilities if they are saying on anger or to anger him.

At the next buzzer, Rohit and Dipika get into an argument of who will use the ticket. Rohit wanted to go in the makeshift house and Dipika wanted to enter the main house. Dipika told Rohit that he was the first one to leave the house and enter the main one, that too on someone else’ word whereas She was at least standing for herself. Dipika also told Rohit that he has used his ticket once and she had still lot used it, so she did deserve to go. Finally, Srishty was asked to take a call and she warned them to not take it personally. Srishty chose Dipika over Rohit. Finally, Dipika entered the main house. With this Bigg Boss announced the end of the task and the people in the mail house won. At the end, Bigg Boss announced that KV, Megha, Romil, and Somi will be fighting for next captaincy.

Dipika planned a surprise for Sree on his birthday. She made “atta halwa” for him and served him. KV shook hands with him and wished him. They cut the cake outside and everyone wished each other Happy Diwali. Deepak got emotional over Sreesanth’s words and sat in the corner and cried. Dipika wen to console him and he said that he was fine. Sreesanth came with the halwa but Deepak refused to eat and said that Sree always hurt him. Sree tried to make up with Deepak.

Tomorrow will be an emotional Diwali for the housemates as Bigg Boss will connect them to their loved ones. Lastly, who do you think will win the race for captaincy? Who would be the next captain? Keep reading this space to know what happened next.