BB 11: Weeknd ka vaar – Is Luv Tyagi understanding the true Hina Khan?

All the Housemates enter the Akhada, Hina says Luv has a big ego and Luv calls her bossy!

It’s time to welcome 2018 and though the housemates are not attending any fancy parties, the new year inside the house was quite a stylish affair with a dash of Hina Khan’s insecurity. Salman welcomes the audience with a performance on his songs. Salman shows around the house that is decorated for the new year. Everyone is dressed up and puts their stylish foot forward to ring in 2018.


Salman cracks a joke saying that Priyank is bitching about the housemates. Salman then pulls Shilpa and Vikas’ leg. Salman compliments Shilpa on her looks. The housemates were asked to write resolutions for each other. Salman asks everyone to open their chits and asks them to guess who wrote this for them.


Vikas opens his chit and it had a regular bathing advise for him along with not being a crybaby. He guesses that Hina has written this chit but it’s actually Puneesh. The third chit says that he should stop demotivating Luv and this annoys him, as he claims that he has motivated him the most in the house. Shilpa’s chit has a compliment in-store that read she needs to take good care of herself as she is beautiful. Vikas has written that to her. Akash is asked not be a freeloader in life. He finds it difficult to read and therefore Hina reads it for him. Salman then asks Shilpa and Vikas to perform a skit wherein he is caught between his wife, Shilpa and other women Hina Khan. Hina and Shilpa have the audience in splits as they pretend to be lesbians, much to everyone’s surprise.

Salman then gets a call from Varanasi from a fan who questions her on why she said that Vikas will be evicted in the 14th week. Shilpa says it was just a joke. The housemates then delicate a rap song to Salman and he says he is happy to see them.

Salman then announces a Kabaddi match. There are two teams, Shilpa and Hina.Shilpa’s team comprise of Luv and Puneesh and Luv and team blue that belongs to Hina comprise of Vikas and Akash. Hina’s team wins the fight. Comedian Balraj Syal enters the house to distribute sweets. He informs them about Virushka’s marriage and the housemates are surprised. Balraj cracks them with his humor and then shows them some weird pictures of theirs and asks them what were they thinking.

Balraj cracks a joke on Puneesh’s teeth saying that he brushes his teeth at all and that Hina takes two hours to brush her teeth. Balraj then makes fun of Vikas crying and tells him that he will get the role of crying bahu once he comes out of the house. Shilpa tells that he is too emotional. Balraj then points out that Vikas addresses the girls Lombdi and chalu and Vikas apologizes for it.

Akash is joined by Puneesh and Hina for a little fun segment. Balraj keeps making of fun of Puneesh’s teeth and everyone has a hearty laugh. There is a little award ceremony and Puneesh wins the most flip contestant of the year award, Luv wins double dholki award. Puneesh makes sure that Luv wears the sash and Hina is surprised seeing this. The pagal premi award is won by Akash and Puneesh. Vikas wins the saravgyani award and Hina is bestowed with the drama queen award. There is cake cutting followed by some champagne. As Salman bids adieu to the housemates they pop open the bottle and treat each other with cake.

Hina sits by herself talking about what is making her depressed. Hina sits down by herself and explains that he is depressed as people voted more for Shilpa. She then questions Luv Tyagi over his comment about calling her bossy. She tells Luv that he has a big ego and hence he does not react. Hina says that Luv’s comment has really hurt her as he is her only friend in the house.