BB 11: Jan 1 – Don’t be brash, first lesson learnt by housemates in 2018!

Vikas is the center of the discussions, Celebs nominate themselves by mistake!

With 2018 kickstarting, housemates refuse to change and stick to their usual brash behaviour. However, this costs them heavily! The show begins with discussions between Akash, Puneesh, and Luv as they talk about Vikas being left alone. Hina tries to portray her good side by saying that no matter how bad Vikas has been with her she will never leave him alone like this. On the other side, Akash was heard saying that he does not want Shilpa to win  and how after his mother putting Shilpa on guilt trip she has been avoiding to have an eye to eye contact with him. Hina supports Akash’s mother but she also says that she wants the best person to win and that Shilpa has chances of winning.

Hina who is cleaning the house complains about Shilpa’s hair on the floor and her unhygienic ways. Vikas says that Shilpa is like Arshi when it comes not hygiene. Vikas enters and Hina complains the same to him and he says that his mother has said that Shilpa is a brilliant then he can not doubt it. Hina tells Vikas that Shilpa is faking her character on the show.


Later in the night, Vikas is walking alone and is missing his friends. Inside the house Shilpa is heard warning Puneesh to be aware of Vikas and his motives. She says that Vikas is not worthy of being called a good friend and also it’s no worth taking any enmity with him as he has some real good contacts  and that he as the power to ruin someone’s career. Puneesh does not feel threatened about it as he says that he himself is very influential in his ways.

Later they discuss Akash who seem to have gone extremely insecure at this point in the game. Apparently Akash has already thought of himself as the winner and was seen convincing people about the same.

Next morning the housemates wake up to “Muqabla Song”. Akash gets mad at people when they all think that Shilpa can actually be the winner as he thinks that she is not worthy at all.

Hina and Luv discuss how the Hiten was out of the game because of Vikas and how the “mastermind” tag has actually gone against him. Luv then talks about Puneesh’s clever strategy. They think that he very smartly hovered around Shilpa and Vikas and now he smartly takes side and stands up against Vikas. The duo thinks that Akash will get nominated this time. Akash seemed to be really scared as he was seen sitting and praying holding a chain.

Bigg Boss then announces a task wherein the housemates have to come to an amicable decision in ranking themselves. The chemistry is now put to test as there was clear divide between commoners and  celebs now.

While everybody has their own argument to prove how worthy they are at the game, the Celeb’s try showing their bigger side by standing at the bottom and this rash decision comes to bites them in their back. Bigg Boss announces that this was the nomination task and now Shilpa, Hina, Luv and Vikas are nominated.

While Akash and Puneesh celebrate and thank god for being safe, Luv is tensed as he is sure that this time he will go this week as he is pitted against all celebs.

While Akash feels he deserves being in the house as he has done so much, Shilpa is happy that there are chances of Vikas getting evicted. Hina is seen consoling Luv that anybody can actually go from the game and that if this week if he goes he should only think that he played well. While Shilpa is talking to Akash and Puneesh, Akash misbehaves with her and Shilpa says that he changed his color after she put him on the first position. Akash’s behaviour upsets Puneesh too and he tries to calm him down. Akashi and Shilpa have a major argument and Akash is seen getting overconfident. He tells Shilpa that his mother has warned him against her.

His behaviour does not go down well with Hina too and she thinks that housemates should give it back to him for his misbehaviour. Later Hina is upset with her decision and Vikas joins her and they both feel that it was a brash decision and that they should have fought for their spot.

Vikas then names his four top people, which are Hina, Shilpa, Vikas and Akash and for a surprise, she agrees. Later the housemates climb the ranks placed on the garden area and jump and push each other down. They let it loose by wishing each other New Years.

The precap gave a hint of “Race to Finale”. After today’s brash decision, will the commoners be at the Celeb’s radar.