BB 11: Dec 2 – Race to finale changes equations in the house

Akash creates havoc in the house, Shilpa complains of him touching her inappropriately

One thing that is not and should not be fragile in this world is friendship but, then we all know that one place that it is more fragile is inside the Bigg Boss house. Today a lot of old friends turned foe in the race to the finale and strong bond took a back seat as the game finally had its last say.

Here’s all that unfolded today in the house today.


The show began with a new year song “Naye saal ka pehla jaam”. Shilpa is irked with the way Akash touched her today and complains about this to the housemates. Riding high on the new year spirit is Puneesh who decides not to fight on the first day of the year. Hina is done with Akash’s ways. Shilpa asks Hina to ask Akash to help them with the daily chores. Akash throws a fit at them. Hina and Akash get into an ugly argument and Shilpa intervenes saying that Akash is Arshi’s shadow in the house. Hina is upset the way Akash threw her night suit after asking for it. She tries confronting him and he was his usual badass in reactions. Hina picks her night suit with gloves and throws it in the trash can. A livid Shilpa says that she would have told about Akash’s’ behavior to his mother but she didn’t want him to feel embarrassed.  Hina also believes that they have given Akash way too many chances. The whole house tries to do some sense talk with Akash but he refuses to budge.

Bigg Boss then introduces the next task. The garden area is converted into a snow-clad mountain and there are steppers placed on the inclined which signifies the mountain they have to climb. The task is simple, the contestants will carry each other’s bag and while they try to hike they have to empty the bags of the contestants they want to get eliminated. They also have a choice to form an alliance to save the bag of the contestant that they want to save. Basically, the housemates have to make sure that their bag pack reached the top safe and sound.

While Shilpa, Luv and Puneesh team up, Vikas and Hina decide to have each other’s back. Shilpa and Hina also do not want to miss this golden chance of getting Akash out of the game. So the round one begins where Akash is carrying Vikas’ bag, Vikas carries Akash’s bag, Puneesh is carrying Luv’s bag and vice versa. Same goes for Shilpa and Hina. Vikas and Akash have already teamed up.

Luv targets Vikas and Shilpa’s word of advice is to play individually as the finale is just two weeks away. While Vikas disagrees with Shilpa, Hina and Puneesh agree with her.

Tables turn in round two, as Akash attacks Hina’s bag and vice versa. Luv succeeds in opening Vikas’ bag and in the round three they all open each other’s bag as they all want the ticket o finale.

Bigg Boss has to intervene saying that the contestants can not tear each other’s bag. Bigg Boss gives Hina the power to see which bag weighs more and which is torn.

Vikas and Shilpa once again doubt each other’s intentions and Vikas warns her against using dirty tricks. Vikas says that he will out of the game anyways if he does not get the votes.

While Luv helps Hina to empty Akash’s bag,  Puneesh helps Akash empty Hina’s bag.

Commoners Luv, Puneesh and Akash unite to devise a plan to reach the finale. Puneesh feels that in this mess Vikas walks out with the ticket t the finale.

The preview showed an ugly fight between two best friends Luv and Hina.