Divorced Dad Hrithik Roshan’s greatest joys are his sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan. You only have to go on the actor’s Instagram account to see that every time he’s with them – it’s like Hrithik has scored five stars for his latest film. Before his last film Kaabil released in January 2016, the boys saw the trailer and gave their verdict. “It’s nice,” Hrehaan said. For Hrithik, that was a high. “For me, my kids showering me with love is a high,” he said. “I was happy they didn’t feel forced to pamper me and say ‘It’s very good’ because I can’t take a negative comment. They know their Daddy is a strong guy and can take it. That’s a high.”


Everybody knows Hrithik’s a doting and hands-on parent, 10.4 million people follow on Instagram how he’s “a man on a mission to live the best life possible come what may”. And the best life is the photo-ops he’s snatched with his kids each time he’s kicked back and had some fun with them. Father and sons celebrate togetherness cooking pasta, cuddling with the dog, doing push-ups in the open, shooting arrows on a wildlife safari, sharing ice-cream cones, having a pillow fight, dancing in tuxes and dark glasses, acting cool before a private jet.

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In between which, Hrithik admits he’s giving Hrehaan and Hridhaan life lessons.
“I’m teaching them realisation,” he said in an interview. “They’re at the age when their model of the world is built for the rest of their life. We as grownups are so afraid of being judged, we live in the minds of other people. My lessons in life for Hrehaan and Hridhaan started early. One boy came crying to me because a friend had called him ‘stupid’. I asked him, ‘What’s the truth? Are you stupid?’ He said, ‘No!’ I told him, ‘Then there’s no need for you to react at all!’ He realised I was right in a second.”

I believe in the philosophy that every single drop makes an ocean. This discipline will serve Hrehaan and Hridhaan all their lives

Not just realization, Hrithik is also teaching his sons acceptance. “My ultimate happiness is in them being the best versions of themselves,” he said. “But at their age, this is not easy to understand. So I point out how easily they do somersaults and remind them of all the gym classes they didn’t want to go to. I believe in the philosophy that every single drop makes an ocean. Once this is ingrained in their minds, this discipline will serve Hrehaan and Hridhaan all their lives. When they are learning something new, they know that they aren’t good at it. But I tell my boys, ‘Accept that you’re not good but keep doing it, your brain is developing, don’t stop trying, you’ll also be good.’”

I was not ready for fatherhood when they were born. Our relationship began when they turned two

Hrithik Said So…

# His sons’ favourite hero?
Tom Cruise!

# Their crush?
At their age, they dislike girls. But they’re in denial. They feel the attraction but don’t know what to do about it!

# He’s a strict parent or a bumchum?
Both. I make sure they take responsibility for their decisions. I don’t stop them. I don’t protect them. I’m there to pick them up. One of our greatest weaknesses is our inability to take strong decisions. I’m making sure they develop the strength to become fearless.

# On changing nappies?
I was not ready for fatherhood when they were born. Our relationship began when they turned two. I started understanding their character was in sync with mine. I saw us in a relationship of choice. We like each other as persons. Not because we’re father and sons. I like my sons and don’t just love them. I like them for the people they are. I appreciate and admire their characters.

# Privileges of being Hrithik Roshan’s kids?
Where Hrehaan and Hridhaan are privileged is in their being born to a father who has experienced ups and downs and acquired a humble sense of life and the world.