Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston planning a tell-all interview about their relationship? Here’s the truth


Apart from fighting the Coronavirus pandemic, the world will love to unite to see Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston together. An international entertainment portal recently reported that the two Hollywood stars are coming together for a tell-all TV interview about their relationship. However, another reputed fact-finding website has called their bluff and set the record straight. The entertainment portal’s misleading headline read, “Jen & Brad come clean!” and the article stated that the ex-spouses ‘want to address the public directly and let them know they care for each other and always have. They’re older and more relaxed about discussing their personal lives.’

However, looks like this is not the case as Jennifer’s spokesperson told the fact-finding website that it is all nonsense. The actress’s representative who is qualified to speak on her behalf confirmed that she is not sitting down for a tell-all interview with her ex-husband Brad. The phony article stated that although the two have not rekindled their romance ‘things are definitely flirty, and they trust each other. So why not do a TV interview together? They think it would be fun.”

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Rumours of a reunion have been gaining ground ever since the two divorced their respective spouses and met up for a friendly chatter at the SAG awards, but that’s it. The reality is that the ex-spouses are on good terms and occasionally socialize. Both were asked about their run-in at different red carpet events but they skirted the issue so there is no truth to why they would be eager to talk about something that isn’t there. 

(Source: OK!/Gossip Cop)