YouTube star PewDiePie posts his last video before taking break; says, 'I just feel like I need to do this'


Swedish YouTube star PewDiePie has posted one last video before taking a well-earned break. In a video titled "It's been real, but I'm out", posted ahead of his break from the video platform, PewDiePie can be seen sipping a drink and announces his exit. "I'm savouring every moment," he said. "The truth is, I don't want to go on a break, truth is, I love making videos. I just feel like I need to do this. So one last LWIAY," he added.

The Swedish YouTuber then went through a bunch of Reddit meme submissions and we have to admit things got a little emotional.

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Pouring himself a drink, he ended the clip by saying: "I just wanted to take this moment to give a toast…thank you for watching across the years…it is a big thing, even though it isn't a big thing. I want to say thank you for watching my videos; it makes me happy…Cheers to you. One thing I really realized is I love making videos and I love interacting with you guys…but I think this year has been so much piling up that I should probably cool down for a bit. Then I will come back with 10,000%. I don't know when I'll be back but have a good time. Just, like, enjoy yourself."

He has become the biggest YouTuber star of all time, collecting a whopping 100 million subscribers over the past decade thanks to his gaming and opinion videos.

(Source: IANS)