Watch: This is how Lilly Singh really built her show ‘A Little Late With Lilly Singh’


When YouTube superstar Lilly Singh decided to host a show on NBC’s late-night block, she kept the news hidden for months. Her family, as well as friends, also came to know about the show A Little Late With Lilly Singh when it was unveiled on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The show is going to run in the sleepless 1:35 am slot and Lilly is all gung-ho about it. Recently she taped the first episode and even shared a BTS video of how her show’s set was made.

Now, in another video, she gives us a glimpse of how she ‘really’ built her show and we can swear and say that it is utterly hilarious. The almost-4-minute video gives a glimpse of how Lilly created the show from scratch and what went behind to make it come alive. Watch it below:

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Lilly’s show will have an array of guests where she will conduct in-studio interviews and will also star in comedy segments. Talking about her show, Lilly told an international daily, “I want my show to be for everyone. And I know sometimes my jokes can tend to lean into more Indian things because that’s my experience. And I don’t want to isolate an audience that won’t understand that. But at the same time, I have been raised in an environment where I’ve dealt with that. I grew up with comedy that I couldn’t relate to at all. But I enjoyed it, and it was funny. So I just don’t agree when people are like, ‘Middle America is not going to get this.’ They can deal with it. They will never get it if we don’t show it to them. And if they don’t get one joke that a lot of Indians will, that’s fine.”

(Source: YouTube/Los Angeles Time)