Oscars 2019: Bradley Cooper's and Lady Gaga's stage performance leaves the internet in a frenzy, but Irina Shayk's reaction deserves a mention!


The chemistry between the A Star Is Born co-stars, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper has been the talk of the town lately. From their on-screen equation to their off-screen friendship, nobody can miss the electricity between them.

So when, at the 91st Academy Awards, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper took the stage to perform their OST Shallow, we couldn't help but drown in feels at the sight of them!

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Lady Gaga took the piano as she sang her co-written track while Bradley took the mike on the other end of the clavier. Sprinkling magic on the stage, Gaga hit the highest notes with utmost sincerity, after which her co-star joined her on the seat. Sitting so close to each other, the duo concluded their performance by singing the last verse together.

The lack of space therein and the sizzling chemistry between them can be spotted with a blind eye. The heated moments and the flirty smiles exchanged between them is something that the fans cannot stop gushing about.

Catch the much-talked-about performance here:


This performance has become more a topic of conversation than the whole gala itself!

While we are all well aware that Bradley Cooper is dating model Irina Shayk and Lady Gaga just got out of an engagement, the romantic in us can't help but ship this couple! But we're not the only ones.

Take a look:








But while the internet is waiting for the drama to erupt, Irina Shayk's reaction post their performance and the arena's reaction confirms that Bradley is indeed, very much taken.  The model hugged them both as she congratulated them post their mind-blowing duet and also stole a quick kiss from her man.

Take a look: