Aquaman Trailer: Jason Mamoa is here to rule both worlds - Surface and the Sea


Jason Mamoa is back as Aquaman after appearing first in DC’s Justice League. This time around he will not be overshadowed by bigger names. The Aquaman stand-alone film is finally making its presence felt with the trailer that released yesterday.

If you think Bollywood does a bad job with trailer by giving out the entire story – surprise, surprise! DC does exactly that. It opens with an introduction – a lighthouse keeper and queen – their son is the chosen one to unite two worlds. Their son… is Arthur Curry a.k.a Aquaman; the chosen one to rule the sea and the surface. It further progresses to introduce us to Arthur, a vulnerable child who can speak to the fishes. *cough* Harry Potter and Parseltongue *cough* Arthur soon releases his powers but keeps it under the radar. Because, obviously, he believes it could go wrong.

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But but but! Like every other superhero, Aquaman wants to save the world. A grown Arthur kicks goons, saves peoples and moves ships with his bare hands. Though, he doesn’t want anyone except the bad guys to know that there’s a good guy out here to save the day. Here comes the big conflict. There’s a villain, obviously. There’s a messenger who makes sure that our good guy gets ready, just in time, to save two worlds - the surface and the sea. Does this sound like any other film? Wait for what happens next.

Arthur’s “half-brother” is the biggest bad guy around. He is all set to declare war on the surface by bringing "the wrath of seven seas" *cough* MCU’s nine realms *cough* and our superhero needs to take his rightful place as the king. *cough* Khal Drogo and Game of Thrones *cough*. Our hero initially stays in denial by saying “trust me, I am no king”, but well, we all know he is meant to fight his half-brother.

The trailer then proceeds to introduce us and Arthur to the “world underwater” which might look (a lot) familiar to Star Wars’ Coruscant. And then happens the inevitable or the destined fight between Aquaman and King Orm. Watch out, you might be hit with a wave a serious nostalgia from the time when T’Challa and Killmonger fought in Wakanda.

Oh! Did we mention, after attempting “What’s your superpower?” “I’m rich” in Justice League, DC continues to brighten up its universe with subtle humour. A scene has Aquaman’s girlfriend tell him “it's the best thing when you’re not thinking at all” to which he replies “that’s…. the worst pep talk ever… ever”.

We’re waiting to watch if Khal will win at least this throne!