Amidst the ‘AK-OK’ controversy with Sonam-Rhea and Anamika Khanna, Diet Sabya takes down his post; shares the real reason

Read and know the real reason

Popular Instagram page Diet Sabya that reports plagiarism incidents in the Indian fashion industry was recently in news over the over the AK-OK controversy. Diet Sabya accused Award-winning designer Anamika Khanna of stealing the AK-OK concept, seen on her ensembles, from Anna Wintour’s AW-OK concept which was seen on VogueXJordans line of shoes. Mentioning the same, Diet posted a picture on his Instagram account which not only made actress Sonam Kapoor and stylist Rhea Kapoor, who wore those designs recently angry but also Diet’s own followers and fans annoyed.

Soon after Diet Sabya’s team took out a poll on their Instagram story asking for their followers’ point of view. Maximums followers requested Diet Sabya to take the post down hence the team took it down along with a clarification not which read:

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Speaking to a leading daily about the same, Diet Sabya creators opened up about everything that happened since they shared the post, reiterating that they aren’t afraid to speak their mind — even when their opinion isn’t well received. “We take our jobs seriously, and more often than not we cross-check our references. We’ve cross-checked refs to a point where we’ve made designers pay artists they’ve unknowingly ripped off. These are #Facts,” they told.

Diet Sabya creators also revealed that it wasn’t until after speaking with fashion designer Anamika Khanna’s family that they decided to take down the post. Their decision is not necessarily a bad thing, “It’s just for the better,” they mentioned.“With this post we felt like the concept was too close for comfort. Having said that, we spoke to the Khanna boys and felt that we need to take this call,” they told adding, “This in no way shows that we are weak. This decision was primarily out of empathy.” Fashion designer Anamika Khanna has yet to respond to Diet Sabya’s post.

Well all’s well that ends well!