PadMan Confessions 2: More fun in the backseat with Akshay!

Radhika and Sonam fare rather poorly when it comes to his filmography

We are kinda getting addicted to these li’l bytes of nonsense. Act 2 of Akshay’s backseat confessions sees the star continue to share the backseat with his PadMan leading ladies, Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor. “Watch to know how well do my leading ladies @sonamakapoor and @radhika_apte know me, in our backseat confessions, act 2″, read his second post. And of course we watched!



So there’s he and Radhika jabbering about his films which she has watched. She starts off saying she has watched so many films of his. He doesn’t buy it, asks her to name them. She’s stumped and then hums, ‘Main khiladi tu ansari…’  Akki shakes his head; that’s it, that’s all they know. Then he decides to make it even tougher, and quizzes, “How many khiladi films have I done?” She squeals in mock fear. It moves on to naming the heroines he has worked opposite in these films, and she struggles…in vain! “Mr and Mrs Khiladi is Juhi Chawla,” she is able to remember, and then stutters, “And then some other khiladi…”

“Very good,” he says, dripping sarcasm.

Sonam steps in to recall how he was doing a shooting in Lokhandwala and every day she would drive there in her car to go and find him. “So, I used to only shoot in Lokhandwala?” he asks. “Once you were shooting there,” she giggles. “Once na,” he points out, almost painfully.

Yesterday’s segment of confessions had seen Akshay introduce Sonam, himself and Radhika as the three ps – Paris, Punjab and Pune. Sonam pointed out that was ridiculous, adding that she was from Bombay. Determined to prove his point, Akshay asked, “Okay, where are your clothes from? Are they made of khadi?” Part 3, come soon, we are waiting!