Alia, Anushka, Salman can’t do without their pet loves

Away from the arc-lights and the air-kissing, stars return to the non-judgmental, all-encompassing, stress-busting arms of these fur-balls. Love is all you need? We’ll say woof to that!

Her True Dude!

So, she is set to take the plunge, but there will be no dislodging her ‘Dude’ from his pride of place in her heart… When Anushka Sharma visited Paris’s popular love lock bridge during the shooting of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, she completed this ritual as well. Writing her name along with her fave guy – her pet pooch Dude Sharma -’s name on a padlock, she affixed it to the bridge, and threw away the key. “Been love locked with the best pet ever in the world forever ????” read her caption. The loved-up pair has been known to spend “Ideal Sundays” together, watching films. It is absolutely “True love ❤️” here, as the devoted girl puts it.


Been love locked with the best pet ever in the world forever 🐶❤️

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Object of Obsession

Edward aka Eddie pretty much rules Alia’s happy heart. Alia is absolutely fine with her friends thinking she is marginally obsessed with her fave feline. Eddie doubles up as her therapist as well, we know, courtesy her post which read, “My therapist has fur and four legs,” and he is apparently absolutely comfortable with all the attention. “I love to show him off. I’m super personal with my social media accounts, especially Instagram, so I love showing people how cute he is.

My friends say I’m a little crazy as at times, I actually just sit and keep looking at him. But that’s because I love him so much. He’s my baby, and what’s wrong with being obsessed with your own baby?” Eddie is always running around her when she gets home, and rests his head on her pillow at night – absolutely normal for a girl who grew up in a “cat-crowded home”.

Mad about Miu Miu

Trust a true stylista to name her pet cat after an Italian high fashion women’s clothing and accessory brand! Jacqueline’s white Persian kitty goes by the name of Miu Miu, and is a huge hit on social media. Having grown up with seven dogs, two cats, turtles, fish, four rabbits and a lot of stray cats and kittens, and even a baby mouse for a short while, Jackie is mad about animals. “Pets can teach us so much about compassion and responsibility and today I would like to thank Miu Miu for teaching me that,” says the stunner with a heart.

An award and a reward

Sidharth doesn’t need an Oscar – he has one at home already! The hunky star is devoted to his boxer, Oscar, and believes, “Pets love you unconditionally and actually give you more than what you end up giving them. My pet boxer is like family to me. I feel it’s very important for all of us to care of them. Caring for animals somehow makes all of us more human.” Bow-wow to that!

Not without Diana!

If Priyanka Chopra is a huge crossover star, her female pup, Diana is a celeb in her own right too – how many pooches do you know with their own Instagram page? Diaries of Diana (diariesofdiana) showcases the cute canine, whom PC adopted in New York last year. Diana is expectedly mad about her ‘Mommy’, has the run of her apartment and even has her own social media manager. And yes, the cutie is used to all the fan-following too, as she grabs eyeballs on walks with the ‘Quantico’ stunner.

Being Canine

Salman Khan is an avowed dog-lover. He is doting daddy to a string of gorgeous doggies who attract almost as much attention as he himself does, on their daily strolls. Partial to the big breeds like French Mastiffs, Labrador Retrievers, and St. Bernard, it is nevertheless all about unconditional love where his pets are concerned. “From my dogs, I learn patience and forbearance. The unconditional love that they teach me to share is timeless and beautiful. Love like this is the highest kind of love,” the still-single stud-man has been known to declare.