This superstar couldn’t gift his sweetheart the horse of her dreams…

We guess he has lined up another suitable Valentine’s gift for his foreign beauty!

In a long line-up of gorgeous arm-candy who have loved and lost this superstar, this beauty seems to have settled in rather safe and snug. She is stunning, discreet, gets along with his family, adores his mama, and shares his love for kids and animals. And though our megastar remains tight-lipped about acknowledging his romance, it does seem like he cares for her more than he prefers to let on…

Take, for instance, the extra (and expensive!) mile he went for her this Valentine’s. Our man, who rules the box office, had set his heart on gifting his lady a token of love like no other. He has probably already doused her in diamonds and other stuff that’s a girl’s best friend. This present was to be a living, breathing, beautiful symbol of his feelings for her – a horse. Yes, you heard that right; a four-legged steed unlike any other horse to be seen in the entire country!

In fact, the horse in question is one of only three horses in the whole world who can do what no other horse on the planet can – walk at a steady speed of 43kmph in clean Ravel walk, and maintain the same pace throughout. This quality makes it the easiest and comfortable ride ever possible.

Naturally, a horse of such distinction doesn’t come cheap – our horse-struck star had supposedly made an offer of a whopping Rs.2 crore to purchase the horse. However, even that eye-watering Rs.2 crore offer couldn’t buy our superstar the horse of his gal’s dreams.
The owner has apparently refused to sell! No amount of cajoling from India’s biggest star could persuade the owner to part with his precious horse. And eventually, our superstar had to concede defeat. His grand plans of a unique and rare Valentine gift are, as of now, quashed.

And with D-day looming tomorrow, we are wondering what’s next on his list of gift options for his special gal…An island of her own, maybe?!