Vogue BFFs Season 2: Sonakshi admits to falling for her heroes but won’t name names!

The ‘Dabangg’ girl preferred to bite into an acidic lemon than spill the beans

We got back to our current BFF show on the telly for our weekly fix of celeb goss – and we so weren’t disappointed! Here’s some of what went on when bumchums Sonakshi Sinha and Manish Malhotra got together to chat on BFFs with Vogue with Neha Dhupia. Especially, Neha and Manish’s intro!

Manish Malhotra spoke candidly about his fracas with Vidya Balan, post her disastrous wardrobe in Heyy Baby. “There was a film I did for Vidya Balan and it didn’t work… For some time, there was some friction between me and her. And I commented saying that it’s not as if she’s fantastic to dress. At a wedding, she walked up to me and said, ‘Let bygones be bygones’. Now that’s how grownups patch up!


When Neha asked Sonakshi if she had ever fallen for her co-workers, the actress stated, “I have but I won’t say the name…” As punishment, she preferred biting into the tart acidic chunk of lemon rather than spill the beans! Throughout the episode, Manish was hellbent on hooking Sonakshi with his director nephew, Punit Malhotra!

This daughter of Shatrughan ‘Shotgun’ Sinha, known for his explosive quotes, didn’t mince words when it came to discussing PM Narendra Modi. “I think (Modi) can do better at every point in life, for our country,” she maintained. Note: Her daddy is a member of the BJP.

She was equally straight-spoken, naming the film critics who she believes are hacks – “Most of them. But yeah, Subhash K Jha, Rajeev Masand, Mayank Shekhar, Raja Sen…” She also made several other disclosures, such as that earlier boredom meant eating but now it means picking up the phone. Talking on the phone though is not her thing at all – “I hate taking anyone’s calls. I don’t like to talk on the phone,” she revealed. She also handled a question on what her favourite position in bed is, with humour – “On my side, holding my pillow!”

She went on to share her earliest memory of being fat-shamed. “When I walked the ramp for the first few times, a model once wrote a column asking, ‘Why is this cow walking the ramp?’ She also teased Manish about his fondness for scarves, saying, “I keep telling him to not wear these scarves. My dad wears them too!” When Manish explained that he loved the drama of a scarf and also wore it to cover his paunch, she advised, “Find other ways to cover your paunch, like go to the gym!”

Asli Sona, indeed!