Twinkle is holidaying solo in Austria and it’s making us jealous!

The writer-producer is discovering the joys of travelling alone

Twinkle Khanna has gone up even higher in our estimation…Twinkle Khanna has gone up even higher in our estimation…The lady, who turned producer with PadMan, is treating herself to some great travel experiences in Europe.

On a well-deserved break, she is travelling solo in Austria. Twinkle, better known as Mrs Funnybones, shared her to-do list on vacation: “Make new friends, rent a car, drive to Italy, see a crypt full of mummies – the joys of travelling alone,” while also “dreaming of a giant gelato”.


Last year, when speaking about her holidays with different members of her family, Twinkle had shared, “When I go with my husband and children, it’s as if I am wrapped in three layers, inside a box with thermocol and cardboard. I am safe. My kids have adapted to our travel lifestyle even if they don’t always like it. My son hates museums. I took him to the Picasso museum in Antibes and told him about the great artist. He asks me, “Did he do this when he was young?” I told him this was at the peak of his career. He says, “I can also do this.” What do you say to that?”

She quipped that travelling with her sister Rinke Khanna was fun and though they are squabbling, there’s always something going on. “My sister has specific rituals on the plane—she doesn’t touch anything because of germs—so I end up opening doors and handling trolleys for her.”

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She also shared that while she likes surprises, husband Akshay prefers a more standard type of holiday.The irrepressibly funny girl also revealed that she once took her husband to the opera at the Prague Opera House because she had read that it was beautiful. “We left the place in seven minutes because it was the worst thing we had ever seen. My husband kept cursing my fetish for seeing this side of life. The thing is, when you are the one who is planning all this, you’ve to put on this stoic face because you can’t show you don’t like it.”

Well, the good thing about holidaying solo in Austria – she won’t have to put on any stoic faces! Looking for more updates, Mrs. Funnybones…