These memes will have you seeing the Race 3 trailer in a new light

Salman fans, keep your shirts on!

The very same action and dialogues which had Salmaniacs – fans is too mild a word! – cheering, has become the matter of hilarious memes by that minuscule percentage of the population who can be rational about such things. Ever since the trailer of Race 3 dropped yesterday, the fun is in full flow. While Bhai’s admirers cannot stop gushing, the smart alecks have got to work. Take a look at some of the memes doing the rounds – they are almost funnier than the scenes themselves!

One hilarious meme shows a series of images of Deepika Padukone in Padmaavat, depicting the gradual reactions of the viewers while watching the trailer; another mocks the miraculous splitting of one car into two cars! With Bhai nothing is impossible, don’t we know!

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“Cars flying, useless blasts, script, Bhai, cringy dialogues,” is how one meme sums up the trailer while the expression on the face of Sunil Grover in drag, pronounces the verdict on Bhai’s acting – “Inko aata hi nahin, inse hota hi nahin.” Bhai’s billions of fans will be screaming blue murder, but hey, these are seriously funny!

Some of the dialogues by Shiraz Ahmed have also come in for censure. “Our business is our business, it’s none of your business,” delivered by Daisy Shah has left listeners bewildered, while “Haath dena please. Ghabrao mat, shaadi ke liye nahi maang raha,” by Salman Khan is bringing on the giggles and not for the right reason.

Anil Kapoor is being trolled for his line that goes: “Gusse mein liya hua decision hamesha nuksaan pohonchta hai. Isliye pehle maine decision liya and now I am getting angry. Very angry.” He really couldn’t be serious now, could he?!

Check out some more of our faves:

Bottom line is no matter the laughs the trailer of Race 3 is bringing in, it’s Bhai and gang who will be laughing all the way to bank come D-day, right?