Ranveer Singh: I have been exploring Indian superhero subjects

Where do we pay to see this happen?!

Ranveer Singh voicing for Deadpool 2 might be a sheer joy to the ears but it’s not the first time the audience has felt the need to see the star don spandex and fight the bad guys. In a poll earlier, the actor won a poll on ‘Indian actors playing the role of the Merc with a mouth’ by a huge margin. Ranveer in a recent interview addressed the same and said, “I remember when the first ‘Deadpool’ came out, there was a poll ‘Who should be ‘Deadpool’ if it is made in India?’ and I won by a landslide. A lot of people identify my personality with the personality of Deadpool. I think that brand of humour matches mine, somewhere or the other.  Deadpool immediately became my favourite when I saw the first part.”

But all hope’s not lost! Ranveer also revealed that he is actually looking out for the right superhero script! He said, “I have been exploring various superhero subjects for a while now. Of course, none of them have materialised just yet. But I don’t think we are very far from seeing a true blue Indian superhero. There are some really interesting characters. Hopefully, not very long from now, we will see a bonafide superhero, a big ticket, big screen bonanza that is truly Indian.”

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Further shedding light on playing the character of Deadpool, he said, “I had not seen or experienced a superhero like this before… He is unlike any superhero. He is a real bada** and definitely my favourite.”

When asked if he sees himself in Hollywood in future, Ranveer said, “I do want to be part of something that is produced in English language and I am just waiting for the right opportunity. There have been opportunities, which for one reason or another, have not worked out as yet. But soon, if everything falls into place, the timing is right and the gig is right, most certainly, it is definitely something I am interested in.”