October Trailer Launch: Varun’s moustache and Banita’s quirky anecdotes steal the show

All that happened at October's trailer launch....

It was a fun-filled interaction between press and October starcast Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu, who along with director Shoojit Sircar and writer Juhi Chaturvedi launched the trailer of their upcoming film today.


Here are a few experts from the event:

Bearded & Sexy

Asked about the sexy bearded look he sports in part of the film, Varun said, “I grew it out for a month and a half. I didn’t know how it would look because the hair has also grown out. Finally when I came on set and did the scene, Dada (Shoojit Sircar) told me to go on and shave it off. All the ADs and everyone were a little sad when I shaved.” After that, he made sure to leave a bit of stubble to add to his appeal!

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Why Banita’s sister was glad she left!

The London-based Banita Sandhu says it was a very challenging role for herself and for Shoojit and Juhi, who have written the film. “My motivation was that I wanted to do well for them, so I put in a lot of work to do their script and creativity justice because they poured their hearts and souls into this. In terms of preparation, I was in London actually and so we were skyping back and forth, I was sending videos. I told my poor little sister to forget her homework and film me do this and do that and I think she was just glad when I finally went off to Delhi!”

Lips sealed!

The cast has been sworn to secrecy, in order to keep the story under wraps. Varun joked, “I think this is the first time the producers actually were happy that I wasn’t in Bombay and not doing promotions! They feel I was going to give out the story, tell everyone what exactly they needed to look out for!”

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